Hey people I know it's short sorry. It's also kinda hard to follow to. But please tell me what you think. I really want to know. I wrote this last night because I couldn't get to sleep knowing I would forget some of the lines. So here goes. And tell me what to name it please.

(The song first starts out slow)

When that day I saw the betrayal in your eyes

You did something unthinkable

There was nothing I could do

So I ran and cried

I cried my heart out and then some

Even after years of crying I still cried

And then I realized that you weren't worth it

(And now the song picks up)

I realized that after all this time

Was that you weren't worth it

I loved you

And all you did

Was ignore and betray

You broke my heart and stomped on it

I loved you

And all you did

Was ignore and betray

But this time

I hate you


I hate and despise you


I gave you all my heart

And all you did was burn it

I gave you so many chances

Until I just couldn't take it

I tried to forget you

Bu I couldn't

I just couldn't

(And the song slows down again)

I wrote this song for you


And all the other girls that have gone through this


So today I hope you burn in hell…

Sorry I know, short. I'll work on it.