Attack like black spray paint
an aerosol can shaken
spewing its dark disease
to stain and desecrate
the wall

With clumsy lines
illegible lettering
collecting the vocabulary
of street known thugs
the words are etched deep in concrete
to warn and beware
the stranded wanderer

look left
feel the vibrations
of evil glares
deep behind the shadows
across the streetlamp
counting every breath
every sweat drop running
the short choppy hand movements
of inpatient hands
waiting to leave
and get in the car

The echo of a fallen hollow can
the rapid foot stomps
getting closer
and closer
that one can hardly think

The keys
a slip
the ground
the heart pounding panic

The silence quiet
the creepy whisper
of terrified tree leaves
the overcastting night
settling in
painting the parking lot
like the rushed graffiti
that lies
two feet away

reaching for a piece of metal
that is hoped
to be relatively close
the cold vehicle
and the sigh of relief
of the metallic material
brushed against the tips
of fingers

Little is it known
that the thing grabbed
is the used black spray can
that was once held
by the person
who is now standing
behind your back