Just something to hold you guys over until my next update. Y'know... If I had someone to help me with ideas and a beta reader, these stories would really get the pace picked up ;) -Kurami

"Will you listen to the cursed strains that reach or ears, or succumb to the shadowy claws that desperately wish to touch you?

"I shan't do either. Do not assume I am as foolish as the rest."

"Stop that, you two. You bicker with the temperament of squabbling children. Must you quarrel over petty things?"

"How rude! We certainly do not! You agree, don't you?"




"... Why aren't you speaking?"

"As the child of honest bluntness, I cannot voice my agreement."

"Why, I'm appalled!"

"I've quickly grown weary of your mocking nature. You, my friend, are such of the image of idiocy it pains me."

"You are rude as well! Who's king's side are you on?"

"My loyalty is place within myself and the one true God."

"Feh! You and your religiousness!"

"Don't you even dare insult the maker of the violet shaded life's way of going about!"

"... Please do not screech in my household, even if it is in my defense."


"So what do we do now?"

"We could - "


"Quick, hide!"

"Where? !"

"Where you usually do, just be quick and – oh! Heeeey, Kaede! How – How ya doin'?"

"Uh, why are you lying like that?"

"Lying like what?"

"In front of your bed, like there something under there I'm not suppose to see. Is... that a foot sticking out of your closet? And a hand under your waist?"

"Huh? That's... my... manikin's... hand."

"I'm not even going to question the manikin, 'cause that's just how you are, but... Can you explain the foot to me?"

"... I have a lot of manikins."

"Whatever you say..."

"Why are you here again?"

"Huh? Oh, Ayano's finished dinner."

"Alright well thanks for visiting but I really need you to leave right now haha okay thanks bye – whew... That was a close one, eh guys? I'll talk to you later. It's movie night."

She leaves behind the room, silent without a sound, and devoid of any life.