This is day 1 of my 31 Days of Poetry challenge. It's just a little something I wrote while listening to music. I was going to have it take a different turn, but my pencil had other ideas. I'm still proud of how it turned out. Hope you enjoy! ~Mora

The Sound of Autumn

The wind is blowing and the leaves are dancing

The crisp air causing her face to flush slightly

It's autumn, her favorite season

Leaves are dancing,

their rhythm soothing

A slow ballad plays,

one filled with pain and sorrow

Yet they still dance

And nothing on Earth can change that

They swirl along, happy to be moving

Proud as the song fades

Take a moment as the song changes

Watch as the girl shivers when the wind picks up

The leaves change their pace

Matching that of which the wind has set

A happy waltz now sounds through the air

Skittering to their places they cross her path

She pauses to watch the dance

Flying and twirling through the sky

Dancing and spinning across the ground

The leaves dance to their song

Unaware of the audience that watches them

Simply moving along to the sound of autumn