I saw him again today. He look as great as ever. He doesn't even know I exist anymore so why should I care so much? I talked to him a lot before summer, now he barely glances at me in the halls. I miss our conversations about him not giving me his watch. I miss him in general. I see him in gym everyday and it kills me to see him flirt with other girls. He doesn't know I like him so again why should it matter? His smell is all over, I miss him. He ignores me and my friends tell me he's a jerk so why do I still like him. UGH I hate feeling like this..but here goes my fake smile. He's coming this way and he doesn't even see me. I should probably stop writing this before he sees it. My friends think he's just shy but he doesn't have to ignore me...does he? I miss him. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we started talking again. Would we date? Would he still ignore me? Gosh I miss him so much. Well here I go pretending I don't care again. Here I go trying to hold in these tears. Their he goes..right pass me...and to some random girl. I try not to shed a tear but there it goes...right down my cheek. I wipe it away before anyone sees it but I think he does. I think he smiles at me but he just looks away. I go back to being the invisible girl now. Yay.