Nimue to Morgaine

To the rythm of shadows,

Under the light of a spell,

Gentle words are whispered

Into the empty air.

Such a strong temptation

Lingering in the night,

To play a part so stealthy

To gain a man's heart back.

O Child!

You need not rehearse this role.

This love is madness

not worth your sanity,

not worth your thoughts.

The fairy blood in your veins,

It makes you seek revenge.

Can't you see this obsession

Is eating your soul away?

Another knight will come;

Another chance, another time.

This is not how the story ends

Accolon is still out there.

Lancelot's lost,

Let him wander away.

No spell you cast

Will bring him back

Without a price too high to pay.

Tonight's your chance,

But don't let your passion guide you.

Alas! The knight is lost

To another mistress.

Your heart's still tender,

It won't let you hurt him.

But the blood it pumps,

Your faery legacy,

It poisons your mind

With mischievous creativity.

Let her take him, alright,

but the price she'll pay

with a feisty prank.