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The putrid smell was nothing new. Fear and blood, feces and urine, along with rot, all mingled to create a strong, gag-inducing aroma. To the ones imprisoned here, and the ones working here, however, the smell was completely normal, something one got used to in a place like this. As for the sounds that echoed in the white halls, and in the dark, cold frigid rooms, an array of sobs and screams, with a dash of demented laughter, would ring loud and painfully clear, before fading away, though they silence seemed worse. A cold lonely silence, as if reminding the prisoners kept in the nightmarish place that they should abandon hope.

A mocking silence. The creature in the cage thought. His dull grey eyes, which seemed to hold intelligence far beyond that of a simple animal, looked at the once clean, now filthy floor in front of his cramped metal cage's bars, caked with dried blood, among other gristly substances. The silence was lingering in his perked ears, not broken by even the tiniest movement of the other beasts in the room. A strangling silence. The male shifted in his position in lying on the cold metal floor, and turned his head to look at his back legs. They resembled a horse's, and were held to his body with stitches. A humorless smirk crossed his wolf like face. That is how most, if not all experiments here, were like, weren't they? They rotted; they only parts spared from this rotting their heads and bodies, limbs not included, and the rotting parts were replaced.

Not by us… but those damn Plaguies; though… I'm sure we would be perfectly able to do the replacing ourselves…. The beast thought again. Another trait all experiments possessed were psychic powers, on different levels. An A the weakest, Z the strongest. The male in the cage was an X, a rather powerful one at that. However, the experiments had chips imbedded in their skin, preventing the use of such powers; unless the scientists felt like pitting them against each other. The powers could not manipulate living organisms, however, no matter how small. So if the act of a battle did arise, the beasts were to usually use their teeth, horns, claws, and other things against each other, the powers used to hurl objects such as rocks and such.

A coughing sound roused the canine-ish creature from his thoughts. In a cage parallel to his, a white feline, with eyes the color of dried blood, was coughing up some kind of dark, reddish fluid, eyes staring blankly ahead, and glazed over. The other stood up, his head brushing the roof of the cage. A new experiment, he remembered. Female, he knew, she had been15, from what he had heard of the scientist's talk. As for her name, it was something like Amy or Danni, he couldn't remember exactly. After all, That didn't matter; she had been given a new name, the only one that she would ever be called again. 15-12W. He watched on, and couldn't help but feel a bit of pity for the other. She won't make it. He thought to himself. After watching, along with a few other of his fellow caged experiments, for around 2 minutes, the feline stopped coughing, and simply flopped down on the cage floor, motionless.

He sucked in a sharp breath. It was over now. He couldn't help but feel jealousy for the fallen cat. She wouldn't have to deal with the torture the others were put through; she wouldn't have to deal with the pain and suffering. For her, it was over mercifully quick. The sound of a door creaking open filled the now silent room. A tall man, around 5'11, strode in, cold blue eyes sweeping over the various patchwork beasts. He chuckled when he came to the now lifeless body.

"Pity, thought she would last longer…" He said with a soft sigh, though his eyes glinted in dark amusement. "Well, we can always make more." He added with a dismissive shrug. He walked over to the male who had been watching, grey eyes glaring. "Oh X..." The man chuckled. "I hope that you didn't feel any pity or such for that mongrel, you know you aren't allowed to have weak thing like emotions…" X. Though there were a few other experiments with powers on the X level, the nickname of X was reserved for this particular experiment. Nicknames were a rare thing, and the case of an experient keeping their old, human name was almost unheard of. The man walked away, the sound of his footsteps fading, before he reached the door, and locked it behind him.

After the man's leaving, a sudden, sharp, and eerily human wail sprang from one of the experiments. X simply listened to the mournful chorus that followed, not adding into the sad and mourning howls and shrieks.

After all, like the scientist said, he wasn't allowed to have emotions. They were merely a sign of weakness. For one to stay strong and live in this world, all hints at rage, sorrow, pain, and all other useless emotions were to be abandoned and dropped.

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