You Are Not Alone.

A/N: So I watched this news segment about stopping bullying so I thought I'd do something about it as well.

You are hurt by the things other people say about you, even if they aren't a friend of yours you are still hurt. Why? Because you are human, you have emotions.

Everybody has emotions. We all have hopes, dreams, fears and doubts. We all want to be somebody in this world of ours but sometimes its hard to do with people putting other people down.

It doesn't matter if you have medical problems or if you look perfectly normal; everyone can be a victim of bullying. Why are people bullied? Is it because of the way that they talk, look, act or is it simply because the bully has some drama that no one knows about until it's too late? Or is it another reason entirely?

Life isn't easy, far from it. But it'd be a lot more easier if everyone got along better. People kill themselves because they were bullied and while the bully may not feel any regret or remorse the victims parents, guardian and loved ones are going to be the ones to feel the effect of that loss.

But it seems as though that bully often doesn't realize or care that they are hurting a human being. That the human being has feelings and fears, doubts and hopes as well as the bully and anyone else.

People should treat everyone with the respect that they rightfully deserve. If you are bullied tell somebody, if they don't do anything about it then tell somebody else, and then somebody else ect. Never give up and never back down for what is right and what you believe in.

If you are a bully in need of help then please tell somebody, a teacher a principal a police officer somebody that you know that you can trust. If you are a bully and are just doing it to be funny than please stop because it's not funny. It's not macho or anything else so please stop being a bully.