This is what I think about family, all different kinds of family.

Every family is unique, some only have a mom and a handful of others while some only have a dad and a handful of others, some are adopted while others still have mixed children/family members, some children are raised by their aunts/uncles/grandparents for whatever reason it is.

Some children are an only child, while other children only have one sibling, two, three, four or even more. Sometimes you fight and disagree with your loved ones for whatever reason that maybe, but all I have to say is love and cherish your family because while you maybe able to choose your friends you are not able to choose your family, and your family is apart of you in a way that your friends will never be, no matter how close you are.

Don't go hating your family, you can argue or disagree or whatever you'd like but do not say that you hate a family member, don't say that you wish that family member that he/she was dead even in a fit of anger because one day that person will be dead and you will never be able to apologize for what you have said and you will miss that person terribly.

I'm not perfect, family members aren't perfect, some are soft, a push over, some are strict, and some of them neglect you/other family members, but don't hate them for whatever their faults are, remember you have faults to.

Love your family no matter how they treat you or others, there's a reason they act the way they do, and even though they may take out their anger out on you it is not your fault no matter what your family member says.

Family is hard, but it's how you react to your family that will affect you and others that truly matter.

Don't keep your emotions bottled up, if you have something to say, say it, but try and do it in a nice and calm way if what you have to say is something that person won't really want to hear from you or anyone.