Okay in order for you all to get the real me, instead of a person who just types things down with whatever happens to her on that day I should probably introduce myself more.

I'm very short for my age (19) I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I don't wear fashionable clothes like I said before and frankly I don't care to. I don't care about fashion; I used to care about what people think, and to an extent I still do but anybody else I couldn't care less what they thought.

I'm a home body, which basically means that I like to stay at home a lot, though at times I get "cabin fever" and want to go outside to do something.

I hate scary movies, I can't watch them; like at all. I know that they're fake and everything but it doesn't seem to matter to me, I just can't watch them. Books on the other hand I can read them no problem.

I love the 90's cartoons more than I do the shows that are on today. I was born in 1992 and while some people probably think that's too young to be considered a 90's baby I don't. I still remember a lot of epic TV and cartoon shows that were and are still on.

I used to have a gameboy that was really fun to play with. I still really like the Mario games and Pac-Man game. I still have a Nintendo 64 that I don't play that much anymore but I have a couple of games still.

I was never one for school, the kids seemed strange to me, and even though I might seem young I'm pretty mature for my age and used to think that some of the kids were really immature.

I used to be made fun of at school, and even now some people still make fun of me. I have Scoliosis like I said before and I still have a little bit of a speech problem plus I'm short. So a lot of people make fun of me for whatever reason that they want; which I absolutely hate.

I learned at an early age that people are judgemental. It can be anybody, a kid an adult, a parent, grandparent extra it don't matter they can be judgemental.

People judge other people even before they know them, rather it's because they are wearing something that the person doesn't like, their hair is dyed or whatever other reason that they can find. And I'll admit that I am judgemental as well, even though I do my best no to be I can still be judgemental, though I'm pretty good at not judging somebody that has a problem, rather a speech problem or whatever other problem. I tend to judge people that don't seem to have a medical problem; thinking to myself they are probably silently mean to that one person, ect. I can't help it nobody can really I suppose.

I'm an animal lover, I love dogs, cats, horses, hawks, rabbits ect. I don't know why I just do. I am a middle child which I hate.

I love to read, write, watch TV, shop ect.