One sunny morning, Jaypee and Alice decided to skip school to do their projects.

They were so busy doing their projects that suddenly, there's a knock on the door.

"Go get it, Jaypee.", said Alice while doing her own project.

Jaypee stood up and went to the door.

"Everyone, it's me, Athena!", the voice said.

He recognized the voice and the name, and opened the door to let her in.

"Hey, Athena. What brings you here?", greeted Jaypee as she went to finish her project.

"Nothing. I just want to drop by.", she replied while she sat on the couch, "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

"We're doing our projects," replied Alice, "and there are loads of it, too. What luck."

"I agree", he said while tracing a line using a marker.

She sighed, "Guess the teachers are cruel."

"Right.", replied Alice while stretching her arms while yawning, "there's a bitchy teacher, and she changed her attitude because there's a news about teachers.", she said and laughed.

He smirked, "She changed to avoid conflicts."

"Anyway, are you going to reply to your messages?", Athena asked.

"Hm, I'll reply to it later.", he replied.

"By the way, this is very random.", said Athena.

"I know, very short indeed.", he replied, "I got nothing to write about anyway. Chapter 3 of Surprise Visit will be continued soon, and there's going to be another sequel."

"And you haven't watched Hari ng Sablay, right?"

He sighed. "Yeah. Too bad. I wanna troll Wesker too. Well, I guess I'm ending this."

Athena sighed, "You forgot to tell the audience that your multitasking, and you're downloading songs that what your sister wants."

"That's true,", Alice agreed, "Or I'll kick her ass."

Jaypee sweatdropped, "Well, that's all folks. Expect some reply later."