"Rain, rain, please rain hard tomorrow, so there's no school tomorrow!", sang Jaypee while eating peanuts.

"So, how's the test?", asked Athena.

"I'm sure you flunked it, again.", muttered Rita.

"It's fine,", replied Jaycee and yawned tiredly, "It's a total torture to my brain, but I know I'll have a decent results."

"It means, "Bottom Line: I Failed.". Congratulations.", muttered Rita sarcastically while clapping her hands.

Athena leered at her, "Don't say something like that. She'll pass, I'm sure of it."

"Guys, don't fight.", muttered Jaycee, "I know I'll pass, so don't worry."

She sighed in relief, "Glad you did."

"Hm, it seems that you liked Chris/Piers.", said Rita while observing him browsing some photos on DeviantArt.

"I like it, it's so cute!~", she answered while still browsing some photos, "Piers knock Chris's senses!"

She sighed, "Yeah, whatever. I'm thinking RE:6 did brought your fanboyism back... I hope."