The narrator and Jaypee were on their room, looking tired.

Dead tired.

The narrator was being glomped non-stop by everyone for her grades while Jaypee had to follow them to clean their mess while having a blast.

"Finally, it's over...", said Jaypee while stretching his arms.

"Dude, my body aches from too much glomping.", the narrator replied while massaging her own shoulders.

Jaypee's phone rang.

"I'll get it.", he said and grabbed the phone on his pocket. He answered the phone, "Hello?"

He jumped from his seat and his cellphone fell to the floor. He picked it up in a hurry.

"Y-yes! I did t-that! Yes! A-alright!"

While Jaypee was struggling to talk well in his cellphone, the narrator was laughing her ass off.

The narrator was no help.

After the phone conversation ended, he glared at her.

"Seriously, you're no help."

"What? If you watched yourself, you'll laugh like I do!", the narrator defended.

Jaypee sighed.

'She's seriously helpless when she's high.', he thought.