It was already night and Jaypee...

"He went out again, to chat with his love on private.", said Rita while reading another couple of questions, and thinking for an answer.

Athena sighed sadly, "Come on. When will she tell us about his love?"

Rita replied, "I told you, it'll be a miracle if he tell us."

Athena went to sit beside her and read the first question.

"So...why do you guys think Jaypee gets excited when he finds out that I have questions for her?"

"Unfortunately, he didn't know yet."

Rita's eyes widened, "The hell?"

She sighed sadly, "I was about to told her, but..."


Jaypee opened his eyes and sat up, stretching her arms while yawning.

Athena grinned happily, "Jaypee! Jaypee! I have to tell you something!"

"Not now, I have to go."

Her smile disappear, "Huh? W-where are you going?"

He went to his closet to grab some clean clothes.

After that, he turned around and grinned, "Computer shop. Needed some privacy with my love."

She sighed sadly and stared at the window.

He changed her clothes and went to her then hugged her, "Come on, don't be sad. I'll be back, I promise."

He then leaves her alone.

"He sounds too cruel."

Before Athena could spoke up, Rita's cellphone rang. She answered it.

"What?", she answered with her usual cold greeting.

"Hey Ritz, it's me, Jaypee. You see, I was supposed to be there by afternoon, but there's a heavy traffic here. Yippee. I'll be there in a few hours. Take care.", then she dropped the call.

"So, what he says?", she asked.

"He said that he'll be here in a few hours. Got caught with a heavy traffic. She should have took a walk instead.", she answered.

She sighed in relief, "I thought she forgot about us."

"If she did, he'll feel the wrath of her sister."

"Now you mention it, where's Alice?"

"She's busy watching TV. Never bother her if she's watching... Wait, I think this is the longest answer we have, eh?"

She nodded in agreement, "Yeah."

Rita read next, "Does Athena remember being a part of my Fanfictions?"

Before she could answer, Athena interrupted, "Of coarse I remember! Resoleon's the best author!"

"Moving on," she muttered and read the next one, "Why is Jaypee like the best person ever?"

"Well, because the narrator is the best person.", she grinned.

Athena read the next one, "Why does Rita seem like she's enjoying this? XD"

She answered, "Because I finally have something fun to do."

She then read the last one, "Have you tried drinking milk through your nose, Rita?"

"I'm not bragging or anything, but yes. I even tried it on a hot chocolate."

Her eyes widened, "Really?"

She nodded, "Yes."

She smiled and said, "Don't forget to ask again!"