So, I wrote this while I was coming in and out of trance states one night, and I really liked it. Pretty much how the conversation between Loki and I goes every time I express any sort of doubt as to why he would want me for a Godspouse. Because seriously, most of the time I don't think I'm anywhere near good enough for that. But he quickly shuts me up.

Also, just for explanations: the -0- is standing in for linebreaks. Formatting hates me and never lets me do things normally, so I have to resort to trickery. Try not to let it distract from... everything XD

I want to know what Perfection is doing,

sullying its fingertips with me.

Don't insult me. I'm far from perfect.

Besides, you ask pointless questions.


Still, I want to know what you're doing

sullying your fingertips with me.

What I want. Now stop.

I know what you mean by these questions.


My hands are warmer than they've ever been,

and still your touch is like fire-

makes me think of the things I've wanted to burn,

and all the things I haven't.

Where was the line here?

What made them so different?

What makes me different?

Why do you ask pointless questions?


It could have been anyone.

But it wasn't.

Didn't I say I knew the meaning of these questions?


You did.

I do.


Then please.

I want to know what you're doing,

sullying your fingertips with me.

Don't insult yourself, boy.

I am loving you.



Yes. Oh.