Chapter 13: Bad Luck

Previously on Fantasia...

"You better be sorry," he replied.

This time I sighed and nudged him hard in the side. "I mean, I'm truly sorry too. I didn't mean what I said."

What's with boys and making up? Seriously, is it not manly or something? Ha, perhaps so. Boys are stupid enough to believe that! Not trying to be sexist... but with my experience with boys, I actually believe they think that.

Just another ordinary day in Fantasia... I'm really starting to miss Earth. Never realized that I would miss all those buildings, cars farting smoke that makes me cough, advanced technology, Wi-Fi, my normal humans friends, humans in general, and the normal sun. I actually never dreamed I would think this. Even missing those annoying human classmates. Yes, that weird.

Never thought I would feel this way ever. Shouldn't I feel excited that I'm in a possible future of Earth with mythical creatures?

In the background, Jack and Dark were having a tense 'civil' argument while Layle and Patrick were casually sipping on hot cocoa.

"So... we're just gonna stay in this ice house until this 'Great Prophecy' business is settled?"

Their response was an awkward silence.

The frost boy answered, "Pretty much."

I slammed my fist hard on the table and startled everyone. Even Mr. Emo Dark Angel flinched from his seat and almost dropped his mug.

"We cannot just hide like cowards in this igloo forever! Where's Mystic Trio plus Jack Frost? Fantasia needs us and what are we doing here? Acting like utter cowards that's what! We should stand up against these villains! I know we can do better than this. We just have to try. Hope is our advantage in this battle. The five of us could defeat Myth and her cronies!"

Patrick whimpered. "Rosa, hate to break it to you, but there's only five of us and hundreds of them."

"Realistically, there's a one in a million chance that we can possibly win," the dark angel informed seriously.

At that exact moment, several windows of the house were smashed. The werewolf transformed and stood protectively in front of me.

Dark said, "That last battle against all those dark Polar animals weakened us. Patrick needs to regenerate more magic, Layle only drank hot cocoa and he normally eats a whole deer, and I almost used my maximum dark magic when the three of us fought The Bogeyman."

"We have to split up," the dark angel muttered once a whole crowd of dark Polar animals, trolls, and huge goblins with ugly warts advanced closer to us.

Jack froze the first line of monsters and said, "Okay, I'd rather stay with anyone but the dark angel."

"I know," the elf shouted, "Layle and I will stay with Jack since he isn't drained out of energy yet. Dark you take Rosa away from here. Travel to the Amazon Forest so we can inform the Amazon people of the upcoming war."

I gasped. "...upcoming war?"

Patrick kicked a troll hard before answering, "The Fantasia Kingdom and Council are furious that Angelina died to one of Myth's cronies. Through a hawk letter, King Arthur explained what we should do to aid the Fantasians. Basically, gather as much allies as you can."

Jack froze the whole crowd, but more were still flowing in. Beads of sweat rolled down the side of his face.

I hugged Patrick, trying not to cry. "Bye, Patrick. Promise I'll see you again?"

The elf smiled sadly. "I only make promises that I can keep."

A tear fell from my left eye and I hugged Layle too. "I'm gonna miss you too, stinky dog."

He growled with an irritated tone but stroked my head with his soft paw. Then, Layle covered Jack and took the major job of killing those things.

Jack looked surprised when I hugged him tightly. "Jack, you have no idea how much I'm gonna miss you..."

He hugged back and momentarily froze a monster that tried to bite off my hair. Way to ruin the moment, you ugly troll.

To my shock, a tear rolled down his pale cheek. "I'm sorry. I can't stop this depressing feeling."

"Don't be depressed, it makes me sad. I'll be back, Jack Frost."

He laughed. "Terminator? I was going to give this to you later, but here."

Jack Frost looked flustered as he held up a beautiful necklace. It was a dark blue ribbon with a ice pendant with a water symbol carved in it.

Now, I was crying like a smiling baby. "Oh, Jack, it's so beautiful. Thank you!"

A goblin shrieked and Jack froze it with an ice beam. He gently put it around my neck and said, "No problem. This necklace is charmed to reduce magical damage on the wearer. This way, I know you'll be safe. Oh and one more thing..."

He leaned towards me and kissed my cheek. A faint blush reddened his cheeks. I warmly smiled at the embarrassed boy.

The dark angel cleared his throat. "I absolutely wonder what happened to splitting up..."

I glared at him and walked towards him. "So, you gonna take me away to the Amazon or what?"

A smrik graced his features and he slipped his two arms around my waist. His black wings were stretched to full length and Dark flew away. My eyes widened when I saw a massive crowd outside the ice house.

"Are they going to be alright?" I asked, worried.

Once I asked that a powerful ice beam split the crowd into half. I could see Jack slashing away with an ice sword.

"They got Frost," he said his name bitterly, "as long as Jack Frost lives, they will survive."

"Why do you hate Jack so much? He's a good person!"

His silence was the dark angel's answer.

I sighed. "You're no fun. Perhaps..."

My green eyes glinted mischievously like a troublemaker. "You were jealous weren't you, Daniel? Envious that Jack is saving the day and you can't because you used all your energy against The Bogeyman? Or maybe-"

He cut me off and raised his voice, "You think I am 'jealous' of Frost?"

The dark angel darkly laughed as I answered, "Of course, duh!"

"What else were you going to say, Rosa?"

I smirked. "Or maybe you're jealous that Jack placed his lips on my cheek? Or the fact that he hand made me a necklace with a protective charm agasint magic?"


I watched his eyes twitch in irritation. He looked angry. "What if I was?! It's not like you would care since you love Jack Frost oh so much!"

My fists were clenched so I would not punch my ticket to the Amazon. "How can you be so confident that I love Jack? You toss that word around like it means nothing! True love can break many, many curses you know!"

"Yes, it may even transform me back into a knight," he sighed, "but, nobody would love someone like me. Dark angels are known to be a disgrace to Fantasia."

"That ain't true, Daniel! The girls back in my world dig dark, mysterious, bad boys with a complicated background story! Bad boys are the in thing back at Earth."

"Dig? In thing?"

My hand made contact with my forehead. Looks like I have a lot of explaining of English slang cut out for me.