Chapter 2: Good Bye, Earth

"What are you?" The brown haired guy asked, peculiarly observing me.

It looks like they're checking me out right now. Creepy! I glared intensely at him and didn't lower my incredibly dangerous sharp weapon AKA random wooden tree stick yet.

"I should be asking you that! You are all definitely not humans from my world and this is definitely not Earth!"

All three of them were wearing clothes that people would usually wear at Halloween. Maybe I was in a coma and woke up during Halloween! But, that doesn't explain the two suns in the sky or how there's no buildings out here... Or any sign of modern technology... Or just regular humans in general... All of them looked genuinely confused with my outburst.

"Humans? Earth?" The blondie blurted out in a familiar girly voice.

That's Patrick I think.

"Judging by her attire and looks it's not from this world." The winged guy commented with a low voice.

And that guy is Dark.

Patrick's (the pointy eared blondie) dark green eyes widened and fearfully whispered, "The Great Prophecy..."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Say what now?" I nervously asked and my temporary weapon wavered.

"Patrick, stop it. You're scaring the yuh-mahn." The brown haired guy unsuccessfully said the word 'human' he was trying to say.

Dark, the emo winged guy, explained robotically, "I am Dark, obviously a dark angel as you can hopefully see. The smelly brown haired werewolf that appears to be normal with no powers what-so-ever is Layle. The shorter than average blonde elf is Patrick. If you have not figured out yet, this is Fantasia."

Both Layle and Patrick began to complain childishly about Dark's introduction. I couldn't help but let a small smile creep on my face as all three of them started to argue. For a second, I thought Layle was a normal and ordinary human being like me. There goes my chance of meeting another human in this place. Forever the human loner... Actually, I was always a loner to begin with on Earth. Welcome to my sad life.

"I am not short!" Patrick whined to the winged guy also known as Dark.

Layle pointed his finger to Dark. "And I do not smell, mister!"

Dark simply turned to face me and coldly said, "I don't know what you are or who you are, but I'm afraid that you're coming with us."

Then, his pale arms forcefully grabbed my arm as he suddenly took flight. I involuntarily shivered at his ice cold touch as he tightly secured his arms around my waist. Ew, the emotionless winged dude is hugging me! I struggled to escape his hold. I failed miserably. Patrick was also magically flying with gold dust swirling out of his feet.

"C'mon! You guys both know I can't fly!" I heard Layle holler towards us.

With wide eyes, I watched Layle suddenly transform into a milk chocolate colored wolf and sprint through the forest at amazing speed. Man, I feel so vulnerable watching all three 'boys' or creatures use their special abilities. Wait a minute, Dark said this is Fantasia, right...? So, does that mean I'm in the video game? But, the only way to beat this game is to capture one of the guys' hearts. I shook that thought out if my head. Like that would ever happen to me. In Fantasia and Earth.

"Hey, Dark, where exactly are you taking me?" I timidly asked.

His cold onyx eyes met mind as he heartlessly answered, "Our king. King Arthur."

I began to laugh as I rudely questioned, "You mean the blondie who magically got that sword out of the stone? Isn't that a classic Disney movie?"

Intimidatingly, he narrowed his eyes.

I flinched.

"No, King Arthur is an angel." Dark bitterly corrected.

"Are you just complimenting Arthur or is he actually an angel with the wings and stuff?" I teased, biting down on my lip to stop the growing smile.

"A real and quite powerful angel." Dark unfeelingly said through gritted teeth.

Sounds like a certain dark angel doesn't quite fancy his angel king... He swiftly turned right and I spotted a lively village as well as a towering castle. Hope this king guy doesn't chop off my head. If you may have not noticed, my head is very precious to me. Dark professionally landed and his freezing touch left. Patrick copied the dark angel and I watched Layle - as a 'person' - emerge from the forest. Thinking no one was looking, I slyly got my phone and it read 59:8:35:12. Wow, that took about 15 minutes only to fly across that vast forest. My thoughts were interrupted when someone quite rudely snatched my phone.

To my horror, Dark examined my phone carefully as he asked, "How do you have this?"

I shrugged casually and said shakily, "Bought it from the mall. At this phone store."

He suspiciously questioned, "The mall, you say? Is that some sort of black market?"

Through laughs, I incredulously answered, "No, silly, it's a place where you buy all kinds of stuff. Like a shopping center!"

Layle was speechless and Patrick mumbled, "The only one who owned such a device was someone who also called themself a human..."

A strange feeling of anxiety and butterflies fluttering in my stomach suddenly appeared.

I laughed nervously. "It's just a phone! It's not a weapon or anything dangerous like that!"

Dark commented, "Then kindly explain what are these numbers counting down? Looks like a bomb to me."

"It's not a bomb! You've gotta believe me!" I begged as Dark's eyes turned into a dangerous shade of bloody red.

Oh great, now I have an angry dark angel to worry about. Basically, I told him to trust someone who fell through a hole from the sky. Who would believe that?! Patrick and Layle exchanged worried looks. Dark roughly yanked on my arm and dragged a terrified and temporarily paralyzed me towards the towering castle. What mess did I get stuck in this time?! I deeply thought about what the critics said about Fantasia. A jam-packed adventure, startling surprises, and having only sixty days to beat the game... Only sixty days?! At this point, everyone thinks I'm some terrorist who fell from the sky and is gonna bomb the place... Not exactly the perfect way to make someone fall in love with you.

"I swear, it's not a bomb! I was just playing a video game like usual and, BOOM, I'm stuck in Fantasia!"

His bloody red eyes glared at me. "You are lying."

Dark sneered and continued to drag me even harder against the ground. Well, there goes Plan B down the drain... There's always more letters of the alphabet left! Stay cool, Rosa. I watched in awe as he pushed open the heavy oak doors in a split second. Dark is definitely not the type of person you want to mess with. I gulped as he practically threw me on my knees. Oopsy daisy, I messed with the wrong guy.

"Dark, what have you brought me?"

Someone who I did not recognize politely questioned.

I looked up to the new voice and saw a platinum blonde haired guy with crystal blue eyes with a pair of abnormal white feathery yet fluffy wings. A glowing golden crown hovered over his head. Yup, I'm definitely done for. Help right now would be highly appreciated.

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