Chapter 4: Shattered Memories

"We think that you, Rosa, is the 'visitor of unknown origins' and Myth is the one from Earth." Dark continues seriously with a passive face.

"Who's Rosa?" Both Patrick and Layle asked silmaltaneously with identical confused looks.

I shook my head with a ghost of a smile and pointed to myself and Dark had that seriously-how-much-more-stupid-can-they-get look. Even after my obvious pointing and the dark angel's facial expression, they still were oblivious to the fact that I was this mysterious Rosa.

"It's me!"

"It's her. I thought that was relatively obvious."

We both desperately gave in and spilled the hidden truth. Basically, we exchanged looks as the werewolf and elf said, "Oh..."

I couldn't help but release a relieved sigh. It's a good thing these 'people' aren't that stupid. Okay, I admit they may be only 50% smart, but that's good enough for me. As long as they know the difference between TV's and computers then I'm satisfied.

"You have to remember that she is Rosa Chi. Understand?" Dark ordered with crossed arms.

Both of them nodded instantly. Wait a sec, how the heck did he find out my last name? Warning: I've got a stalker on my hands. Scratch that, a dark angel stalker who would easily kill me. Not exactly your normal, ordinary, everyday type of stalker. Am I really stereotyping stalkers in my head? Has my mind always been this random? I thought deeply for a good few seconds. Yup, I've always been this random since I was able to speak. Even my friends admit I'm random at the most oddest times.

One time in English class, I whispered to the person beside me, "Hey, if unicorns and flying rainbow ponies existed; would you be a sweet potato or a burnt French fry?"

You see what I mean? Another time I laughed at some random person in band playing the trumpet and commented, "I wonder if he could still blow his trumpet if he was floating upside down near starving human-eating monkeys and talking pink alligators..."

What? Is it that bad to say what's on my mind almost all the time? Judging by the looks of my classmates from the near past, I guess it is really bad. Well, that's a shame really. Random people like me are plain awesome. Don't question them unless you want to be attacked with absurd statements that make absolutely no sense at all.

Before I could talk a step forward and start pacing back and forth, the ground started to shake violently. The cauldron tipped over and shattered into sharp, black pieces of metal.

"Earthquake!" I hollered and ducked under the wooden table surrounded by tree stump 'chairs'.

Instinctually, I covered my head in one hand and held the leg of the table in the other. I mentally started to count to sixty. All three of them gave me strange stares and seemed to not mind the shaking ground as if it happens every day. I don't think earthquakes are normal. Far from normal actually. Wait, maybe they don't even know what earthquakes are. After all, it does have the word 'earth' in it... Maybe they call it something else here in Fantasia.

Dark calmly stated, "Myth has returned."

Identical looks of fear and disbelief were plastered on the faces of Layle and Patrick.

"But... How is that even possible? She-she was thrown into the Abyss of Hell a long time ago." Patrick quietly whispered.

"Maybe this Myth person escaped?" I took a lucky guess.

Dark was about to reply, but loud screams and yells from outside interrupted him. Without a second thought, I hurried to the window. Fireballs were falling from the sky and burned the once lively village. Red flames slowly transformed into a huge wildfire. In the distance, I could see huge giants swinging spiky clubs and axes. I focused on a little girl with pink pigtails screaming bloody murder as a pale person with greased back hair and a long black cloak sunk his teeth into the poor girl's neck.

Well, that answers my previous thoughts. Vampires and giants do exist here. This is not a video game anymore but virtual reality. If I die here will I die in real life?! When the unnamed vampire finished drinking her blood, he locked his bright red eyes on mine. I flinched as he licked his blood stained lips. Then, I think he mouthed, "You're next."

I wanted to back away from the window, but I was paralyzed in fear. If vampires could easily attack people and drink their blood, who says they can't kill me too? I couldn't tear my green eyes away from the terrifying scene of chaos that was presented in front of me. Someone yanked me away from the window to my relief.

Layle shook my shoulders. "We have to get out of here," he pronounced each syllable slowly.

Patrick reassuringly smiled and said, "Do not worry, we will protect you from danger. All three of us are not named the 'Mystic Trio' for nothing!"

"As much as I hate to break this special moment of bonding, we are running out of time as we speak." Dark impatiently pointed out.

We all nodded and followed Dark downstairs. He silently placed his index finger on his mouth for us to be quiet. Something made of glass shattered on the ground. We tiptoed after the dark angel to the throne room where we last saw Arthur the angel king.

"Tell me where she is and I won't kill you, Arthur!" Someone screeched angrily.

Abruptly, all of us stopped and hid beside the entrance.

"Unlike you, Myth, I do not fear death. I embrace dying with open arms." Arthur calmly responded.

I peeked and slightly gasped at the sight. A human girl that looked so familiar held her sword against Arthur's throat.

"I'll kill you right now unless you tell me where Rosa is!" Myth threatened and and lightly cut the angel's neck.

Light red blood started to drip down his throat. "And let you kill her? Thank you, but no thank you."

Myth also had midnight colored hair like me. She had slightly tan skin and dark green eyes. How the heck does she know my name? It's almost like everyone here seem to know my full name! Do they all have physic powers? I mean I don't have a name tag that reads, 'Yo, I'm Rosa Chi.' Myth looked pretty human to me, but then there was Layle and he also looks kinda human. She even wore Nike high tops, skinny cargo black jeans, and a black Adidas running sweater. Unless they sell those clothing items here which I highly doubt... I don't see a mall here!

"Why won't you tell me where my only sis is! I know I made mistakes in the past, but I'm begging on my knees to you! I've waited for numerous days, even years, to meet her ever since I was kicked out of my house! Please, Arthur." Myth pleaded and lowered her sword.

Few tears escaped her eyes and she quickly rubbed them away. Since when did I have a sister? My blood ran cold as my mind went to flashback mode.

"Mommy, who is this?" I gurgled and struggled to stand upright on my toddler feet.

My chubby finger was pointed to a girl smiling with black hair and Daddy's green eyes. Mommy smiled sadly at me and a single tear drop fell from her chocolate brown eyes.

"Nothing you have to worry about honey." Mommy reassured but I could tell she was lying because she was twirling her black hair in one hand.

The next thirteen years, I've always wondered who that girl was. At sixteen years old, I still don't know. Who is she?

Could Myth be the person in the photograph? No, it can't be. My sister doesn't exist. I've never had a sister! I'm just imagining things. Yeah, my mind is tricking me right now. Suddenly, a vampire barged into the room.

"Myth, you kill Arthur. Even if he used to be courting you," the vampire nonchalantly said.

"Darrel, I-I can't. I'm sorry." Myth whispered and took a step back.

Arthur courted Myth. Doesn't that mean he dated her in old-fashioned words?

The vampire who was supposedly Darrel grunted. "Fine. I'll take the honor of killing him. Any last words?"

Arthur longingly stared at Myth and confessed in a low voice, "Even if you may not reciprocate these feelings, I still and always love you, Myth. Please remember that."

This is so sad yet romantic. My eyes started to water, but I forced myself to not cry. Okay, Rosa, stop being a sappy romantic!

"Aw... Looks like the angel still loves you. Well, that is truly a pity." Darrel bared his pearly white fangs and charged.

I was gonna run and stop him, but Dark held me back. He forcefully covered my mouth as I tried to yell and struggled under his tough hold.'The winged one will die.' Arthur is gonna die. The Great Prophecy is coming true. Then, a female angel that looked exactly like Arthur screamed and jumped in front of the bewildered king.

Darrel sunk his teeth into the other angel instead. Arthur yelled, "No!"

But it was already too late. The female angel smiled sadly and weakly said, "I'd do anything for my twin brother..."

Rivers of tears flowed from his crystal blue eyes as he shouted in agony.

"Why did it have to be you, Angelina? It should have been me not you..." Arthur painfully whispered.

Since when did King Arthur have a twin? I don't remember the fairy tales saying that. Darrel the vampires lunged at Arthur, but he effortlessly held him by the throat. Darrel tried to get out but miserable failed. Arthur tightened his hold on him and the vampire started to choke violently.

"Even though you murdered my dear sister, I will spare your life," the vampire looked relieved until Arthur sadistically smiled. "Hope you enjoy your life as a dark angel."

His red eyes widened and he shook his head. "Please anything but that!" Darrel begged on his knees.

"Too late." Arthur suddenly bent down and bit Darrel's neck. Dark blood started to run down his throat.

"Vita Vel Nex thy Kurai Tenshi." The angel chanted.

Darrel doubled over and howled in pain. Black feathery wings sprouted out of his back and tore two holes in his clothes. Then, he looked up to the sky and two white lights shot out of his eyes and the whole world turned dark. After a few seconds, the light appeared again. His red eyes were replaced with gray eyes and the dark wings were grown to full length.

"You shall now be know as Griffin." Arthur declared.

The former vampire bowed and respectfully replied, "Hello. I am Griffin."

Wow, did Arthur just change Darrel from a vampire into a dark angel? This king is powerful, that's for sure.

Myth broke the silence and asked, "Arthur... what did you just do?!"

"I changed him into a dark angel. He deserved it for killing Angelina."

Myth turned away and sprinted towards the entrance where we were hiding. Unfortunately, she saw me.

"... Rosa?" She whispered before her dark green eyes started to water.

Then, Dark blocked her and sneered, "You are not getting anywhere near her."

Patrick stood in front of me and aimed his arrow at her. Layle transformed into a wolf and growled fearfully.

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