I hate this bed.

I hate how it sinks right at the edge, pulling me down and over it until I'm nearly falling off.
If it could only hold itself up in that one spot, I could sleep without worry.
But that damn spot!
It just won't stop dragging me down.

And I cannot move to the other side.
The wall has stuffed animals propped against it, sitting on the bed like unnecessary sentinels.
As if I need that many fluffy things to be comfortable; they're doing the exact opposite!
No room for them anywhere else, though.

Also the pillows.
One is too little; two is not enough; but three is far too many.
Is there such thing as half of a pillow?
My neck is never satisfied with the angle I lay my head.

I could simply pull out the other bed and sleep on it.
Or maybe I should return to my real bed, in my actual room.
This is, after all, my brother's room.
I'm sure he'd appreciate having his toy storage room back.

Thing is, having uncomfortable sleep is better than having no sleep at all.

And I absolutely can't stand my bed.