AUTHOR: Aeriel Holman

ACTIVITY: High School Sonnet Homework

Words: 115

DATE: 2008-2009 (created)

NOTES: Yeah, I learned how to write sonnets back in my senior year of high school. Can't recall whether it was the first half or the last half of the year though… Anyways, I merely wrote this out without much thought behind it. I don't particularly care for it's emo-ness, but someone might. Soap—here is the first ever sonnet I dared to write.

The Sonnet of a Shattered Heart

To be honest, I have paper wings.

They are all I have, so do take care.

I apologize for such fragile things;

You see, my glass heart is no longer there.

That empty space—no beating—aches for you.

It was lost to another sad to say.

Seize the last of my laughter in its lue

Because if it's for you, my world's not gray…

Yet, I never really reveal the truth.

Should I wrap my wings in red bows, I'll die;

And with this knowledge you would become aloof.

Death is more joyous than to once again cry.

Please, would you rip out these flimsy feathers?

Mayhap then we could start to be together…