i miss you.
every single minute of
every single

i havent forgot,
i could never.
im still here,
yes, still here.

and i still love you,
and live for you,
because you cant.
because youre gone.

i still breathe for you,
i take breaths deep enough
for the both
of us.

i still cry,
all the time;
the tears of both you and i,
i cry your unshed tears.

i still have pain.
not only my pain,
but the pain i know you would feel
if you saw what i do to myself.

im still alive for you,
because i promised
i would live
because you couldnt.

my heart is still beating
the steady melody of
not only one heart,
not only my heart, but ours.

im not living for myself.
im living because you
live in me.
because we are one now.

im living because you
are part of me.
you live in me now.
you didnt want to die.

so i wont let you.