Chapter 2

I stared at the two in a daze and then I looked around one last time trying to find the person who left these two. I saw no one; in fact the street was already barren probably because it was curfew already. I let out a sigh and then I bent over and carefully picked up the basket and made my way inside. I put the kids on the kitchen counter and then I just stared at them intently for a few minutes. Then one of the babes let out a big yawn and stretched out its arms as far as it could. Then it opened its eyes and stared at me with a pair of the richest sapphire blue eyes I had ever seen.

"So what am I going to do with you two then?" I said as I poked the baby's nose. It scrunched up its nose and then when I pulled my finger away it looked at me with a pair of big curious eyes, then a big laugh escaped from its throat.

"H…hey what are you laughing at?" I asked the baby but it wouldn't listen and just continued to laugh happily.

"Your mom abandoned you and you laugh? Your pretty tough kid…" I said as I poked its nose again. The laughing caused the other one to wake up and this one also had a pair of sapphire blue eyes. But this one just stared at me with what looked like a bored glare.

"I'm not sure I like the way your eyeing me kid…" I said as I glared back at the kid but it just continued to glare. I let out a sigh and picked them up and took them to the carpet.

"Now what are you two?" I asked myself as I gently laid them down on the carpet and then began to unfold the glaring baby bundle.

"Ah… so you're a little boy huh?" I said as I smirked at him. 'a little boy with an attitude…' I thought to myself as a small laugh escaped my lips. Then I turned to the other one and began to unbundle that one also.

"And you're a little miss… no wonder you're so cheerful" I said with a small smile on my face as I once again poked the little girls nose. She let out another giggle that almost sounded like it came from an angel.

"Well I guess there's only one thing left to do is to get you two to an orphanage." I said as I picked up the two kids and put them back into the basket. Once I was sure they were all wrapped up and warm I headed out towards the orphanage. There was only one in town so it wasn't too hard to find. The orphanage looked like an Old Catholic church, gargoyles and everything.

I walked up to the door and saw the giant knockers. I pulled them up and then let gravity do the rest. When they hit against the large wooden door the loud bang echoed throughout the church and some bats even flew off from the bell tower. The longer I stayed here the more it looked more like a haunted house then an orphanage. I stayed there for a minute when finally someone answered the door.

"Yes…?" A girl in a nun gown said peeking out from behind the door. She looked to have light brown hair but was hard to tell because of her hat… or whatever they called those things. She wore glasses and had very light brown skin.

"Ah… I came to give these kids to you…" I said as I held the basket out in front of me. She examined the kids and then looked back up at me.

"Names?" She said emotionlessly.

"Ah… umm… baby one and baby two." I said and she just looked at me like I was stupid. She pulled out a book and began to rummage through the thin pages.

"What are you doing?" I asked curiously. This was my first time in an orphanage so I didn't have any idea what I was doing.

"I'm checking to see if we have any more room for these babes…" She said as she continued looked through the pages not paying any attention to me. After a few minutes of her searching she shut the book closed with a bang and stared at me blankly.

"I'm afraid we have no more room for children right now… but if you wish I could give them to foster care." She said and I stared at her completely shocked. I have heard so many stories about siblings who go into foster care eventually become separated, and to be separated from your only family you ever had doesn't seem right. The pure thought of it sent chills up my spine.

"Sir? Would you like me to take them to foster care?" She asked drawing my attention back to reality. I looked down at the bundle and saw the two sleeping and cuddling with each other and I just couldn't do it.

"No… its fine… thank you for your time." I said as I flashed her a smile and then turned on my heel and left that place. I walked back to my place and then sat them down on the carpet. The girl stared at me with her usual curious eyes and the boy still had that glare on his face.

"Well I guess that's out of the question…" I said as I let out a sigh and ran my fingers though my hair. They just sat there, their stare unwavering from me for even a second. I turned my attention back to them and gave them a smile.

"Well… I can't call you baby one and baby two forever can I?" I said as I laughed at myself. But what on earth would I call them? I mean their nothing alike yet they are so similar. Something that affects the other… and with that thought I got the perfect names.

"I know! From now on you're Dylan." I said as I pointed at the glaring little boy.

"And you are Diana." I said as I pointed at the tiny little girl. She looked at me curiously with her mouth hanging open for a second and then a giant smile appeared on her face and she clapped her hands together happily. The sea and the moon, completely different but at the same time they benefit each other. It was the perfect name for them.