A/N: Hey, a poem about war. I don't know where it came from though…but…ENJOY ANYWAYS!


Going to a battlefield,

All I have is my sword,

And my shield.

In this world full of hate,

What will save you is your faith,

But still everyone saying,

"See you later, mate"

But after this

The land shall be coated,

With a large patch of red,

Some are fathers,

Some are sons,

All of them, their blood runs.

I'm not afraid of war,

Not afraid of a wound or a scar,

I'm afraid of its effects

After war,

What shall happen next?

I need to come back alive,

Or my son shall learn revenge,

But such dream is very far,

'Cause I have a terrible feeling about this,

It might just remain a wish.

But if I shall die,

I wish on a shooting star,

That my son shall find a way,

To stop this thing called war.

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