I'm looking at you.
I'm admiring you.
It was me and you.
Ephemeral you.

A late afternoon walk in the park, he was enjoying the weather with a nice cool summer breeze blowing the leaves of the trees, plants and grass. He was wearing a skull beanie hat, v-neck black shirt covered by a black denim jacket, dark gray jeans and light gray rubber shoes. He wore his usual earrings, rings and a long beaded necklace.

When something caught his eyes, he stopped for a moment to admire a delightful lovely black butterfly, which was gracefully flying from one flower to the next, captivating him. He had never seen a butterfly that was as alluring as this one. It was just too exquisite.

He crossed his arms and stayed there admiring the creature before him. He never knew he could be attracted to such thing. But it was black, maybe, that's what caught his attention. He did not want to scare it away, so he just stood there following its movements with his head and eyes.

It flew nearer, and landed on a grass just near his gray rubber shoes. He was watching the slight movement of its flapping wings. It flew again, and landed right on the white shoe-lays of his shoes. He did not want to move an inch. And it stayed there flapping its wings for a minute and then flew away. He grinned as he watched it fly and as it landed in a few distance away on a small flower.

An ephemeral moment with a gorgeous black butterfly.

Taking his last look, he then walked on and continued with a leisurely pace.

People who saw him admired him from a distance and let him walk on. Some whispered together, and even pointed at his direction, but did not come near him and left him alone.

A beautiful you.
Why can't I be you.
Longing to be you.
Ephemeral you.