The Lifecycle Of A Star

Deep, in the cold, dark depths of the void,

A giant cloud of gas and dust looms.

Vast and unchanging,

It lurks in darkness,

Like a shadow trapped in time.

Then, something in the cloud shifts,

Something flickers,

And the cloud transforms,

Collapsing in on itself -

A great pulse of energy,

An intense wave of heat,

And then there is light,

And then there are flames,

Behold the magnificent star!

Like the eye of a god,

The harbinger of enlightenment,

The king of the universe!

And from the star, emanate

Blades of light,

And spears of warmth,

Killing the cold darkness that once was.

And it endures thus,

For eons to come.

Then once again the star transforms,

Grows bigger and bigger,

Redder and redder.

Everything that stands,

In the way of the giant,

Is consumed by its terrible wrath.

And so the ages pass,

And the day comes,

When the star can no longer,

Illuminate the dark void.

Its time has come.

But the king of the universe,

Won't just silently,

Pass away into the void! No!

It will leave its mark,

Upon the face of darkness.

A scar that shall last forever!

So it explodes

Sublimates, and illuminates the void,

for one last time.

Cover in awe!

Revere this event!

For this great supernova,

Is art itself!

That fleeting moment,

of the arcane explosion,

is the ultimate insult,

to darkness!

Thus the star departs.

Its legacy -

A dazzling, sparkling,

Multicoloured nebula.

The birthplace,

Of the hundreds of stars yet to come.

The corpse of the star

Glows for a while longer.

Then the final rays of light,

Fade into oblivion,

Leaving behind a charred, withered piece of rock.

A mere shell of its previous self …