School started a few minutes ago. The teacher blabbed about pointless things like the sexual reproduction of the Rizopus stolonifer. Who cares about that kind of shit? It's not as if I plan on being a botanist. This school is so stupid.

Midway through the teacher's sentence I stood up. I don't want to listen to all this useless crap. I went out of the classroom tactlessly, not caring about whatever those losers are up to staring at me like I have aids or something.

Walking in the deserted hallways always made me feel more comfortable than usual. But being on the roof is just the best. I reached the stairwell to the roof and as usual the blockage was still there. It read in red paint and sloppy hand writing – must be the janitor's – No Students Allowed. Yeah, a flimsy piece of paper is going to stop me. If they really want to stop students from going to the roof, thay have to remove the door.

It's as they're teasing us, and this isn't the kind of teasing that I look forward to. So I entered, not caring if someone saw me go here. It wouldn't really make a difference. When I got there, I could faintly make-out the scent of a cigarette. Someone smokes on the rooftop during class hours. He must be some kind of ugly senior boy, the one that doesn't give a fuck about life and school, the type that goes round picking up fights just for the fun of it.

I wouldn't really say I'm like that. I'm not so bad really. I just hate the fact that this school strangles us to work so hard. And worse of all, I got into the star class. I didn't even apply for it.

Stupid lawyer dad and doctor mom expecting so much.

Even my older siblings – I have four – expect from me so much. Daisuke, the eldest one is twenty-eight a doctor like mom successful, yes. Handsome, yes. Rich on his own, yes. Married, yes. He expects me to be some kind of super genius like him but honestly I'm fucking sick of it.

Stupid brother.

Lili, the next one to Daisuke, she's twenty-seven a doctorate in art, as in fine arts. Maybe of all my family members she's the one who understands me the most. She used to be a physicist of some sort when she freshly graduated a lot of science whatevers wanting her to join them since she graduated soma cum laude of her batch at the age of twenty. Introducing new insights on centuries old theories she was a genius.

For some reason though, she refused everything and went into hiding.

Even we weren't aware on where she went. Then one day when she was twenty-six she came back. a laid back look on her posture, her fashion sense a bit off and most of all, she looked happy.

Madoka, next to Lili, she's twenty-four still studying the art of law. How ironic. She aspires to be like dad. I hate her. She's boastful and annoying. She thinks that she's the best. Everytime she is given compliment she doesn't hide the fact that she is aware of it. She'd tell you something like. "thanks for noticing" or "I know right?" with that fake smile of hers.

She is not that much of a genius really. I mean compared to Lili and Daisuke, she works hard for it. She, I guess would be called the dunce of the family but since she excelled she still proud. She's the one that targets me the most. She hates my guts because she knows that I'm better than her and I don't really use the gift given to me.

She has to be the one I hate the most, of course next to my father.

Ryuzaki, the one before me, he's still in college like madoka but like me he doesn't like being the best, but growing up with our grandparents, he was trained not to show discomfort or emotions. So he keeps a straight face all the time.

He's twenty and sometimes I think he's gay. But I couldn't be so sure about that you know. He has girls throwing themselves at him coz he's the silent, mysterious achiever type who seems to have a dark past and all that shit. But damn, he never even tries to touch anyone of them. He has a bunch of friends and the wierd part is I've never seen him smile.


Though he did live a life in the countryside and for all I know he has an alternate life there, but I wish he would try to reach out to us more. We are still his family.

My mom is 43, hard to believe huh? Yeah my mom and my dad were only dating when they had Diasuke and Lili, they got married when mom was pregnant with Madoka and I guess Ryuzaki and I are the only ones born into the family at the proper moment.

My Mom Kana Iwamoto – maiden – now Kana Shichirobei was sixteen, in highschool and top of her class when she got pregnant with Daisuke. My Dad Yoshiyuki Shichirobei was twenty that time handsome, smart and good at speaking, he was taking law and was so happy to hear that my mom, Kana was pregnant with his child.

I don't know much after but whatever they did worked. So it doesn't bother me much. My dad is 47 now and can still make women swoon.

I'm just in high school though, seventeen and still a long way to go.

Despite all those, I don't listen to anyone of them. As I go nearer to the smell of the cigarette I erase all those thoughts about my family. I prepared myself to see the fat ugly senior guy smoking behind the radiator.

I took a silent step to peer over only to see a girl.

Not any kind of girl. She's pretty from the back. Long black hair, that's all I could see.

I made a coughing noise to catch her attention. She stands up upon hearing me and slowly turns to face me. Half – stick cigarette on her right hand, she stands a few inches away from me and at least one foot smaller than me. Her hair reaches the small of her back and her eyes are an ominous shade of red. I caught myself staring at her eyes. As if reading my mind she suddenly speaks.


I gave her an incredulous look wondering what she was talking about then I remembered staring at her eyes. She's quick. She's really pale and skinny but her breasts are – how do I say this without sounding too vulgar – um huge? She wears the girls uniform haphazardly the blouses first two buttons were unbuttoned showing a great deal of her cleavage. The thin black ribbon undone. The vest on the gound, the skirt shorter than usual and she wasn't wearing socks. She wore stockings, black stockings. I guess she was sexy.

No, she is sexy. She stared at me with those piercing eyes.

"Haru... Shichirobei."

"Aa" she spoke so gently, it's like she isn't a delinquent at all.

"i know you." She looked away a bored expression on her face. I thought about her. She doesn't look familiar to me. Have I met her? I don't know, maybe one of the girls I've slept with in those boring parties to get me a rich high society girlfriend? She doesn't even look like she's from high society.

"Kimiko, Daidouji Kimiko." She smiles and throws the cigarette away and steps on it. she took a small bottle and sprayed it on herself. She buttons her blouse and does the ribbon turns to me and says with a teasing grin. "You'll remember." Then she left.

I guess I'll be doing what I came here for silence.

Chapter One End