It's already almost two weeks since the festival and I still couldn't believe what happened when Wayne and the others found Nick and I in that haunted house. In a very awkward position. So it goes like this: After they found us, I quickly got off of Nick and told everyone that we were just fighting. I was explaining really hard but no one spoke. Until Nick said something. "Just because she said nothing happened doesn't mean nothing happen." DOESN'T MEAN NOTHING HAPPEN?! How could he say that?! I felt bile run up to my throat and wanted to throw up at his face while Robin, Kolie, and Carla started laughing like crazy. And Wayne, well while he just looked white. But again, HOW COULD HE SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! Prrrck.

I went back to reality when my pencil broke and tore the paper on my desk. I forgot I was in art class. The whole class looked at me. We were supposed to draw a dream or something but all I could think about was that.

"Is something wrong, Brianna?" Mr. Gomez asked as his eyes peeked over his glasses that sit on his nose.

"Oh no, nothing sir. Just a brittle pencil." I was sure I sounded way too defensive.

"Okay then, please get a new one and continue with your activity." The he continued with whatever he was doing.

"You still thinking about it?" Carla poked me and whispered something I hoped I didn't hear.

"Oh please, Carla. Just get over it okay? Nick, that liar! I still couldn't believe he said that!" I hissed a bit loudly that I caught Mr. Gomez's attention again. I looked down and glared at the grinning Carla beside me.

"I can't wait 'til it's lunch again." She whispered. She just couldn't conceal her excitement. Well, after the festival, we all just started grabbing lunch together. Me, Carla, Kolie, Robin, Wayne, and…Nick. After CARLA insisted that we all should. I thought she hated Nick because he seemed dangerous and mean but just like a switch; everything turned the other way around. I wanted to protest against her idea but I thought it would sound bad considering the other three already agreed to it during one Math class when our teacher didn't came and gave us a full hour to do nothing. I remember glaring at Carla, in the most modest way hoping the others wouldn't notice, then while Nick didn't say anything. I assumed he didn't like the idea so I felt a bit of relief but I was surprised when he actually sat with us on lunchtime. He usually sits with his soccer teammates even though Wayne isn't around anyway. WHY?! And it's been like that for a week already.

Finally the bell rang. Carla and I went straight to the cafeteria after submitting our sketches, where the four must have been waiting outside the doors. From the distant, I saw Robin shielding his left arm from Kolie's slaps (as usual) who both were grinning, Wayne laughing at the almost-lovers-'bestfriends", while Nick leaned on the wall, one foot in front of the other, and a smile on his face. For a second, I felt happy. Looking at them, I couldn't believe I've actually made more than one friend in this school. Not that Carla wasn't enough, she was actually more than enough for a great sister. I never realized how looking at your friends laughing like that could erase everything at the moment and just feel the same way as they do. I got interrupted with my little sappy moment when Carla grabbed my wrist and dragged me towards Kolie and the others.

"Guuuyyss!" She never loses her energy. Honestly. "Hurry up, Bri!" She was grinning.

"Okay! Okay! But slow down a bit, okay?" It was impossible to walk straight when you have a Carla dragging your wrists.

"Hello. Did you guys wait up long? Art class. It's always hard to finish on time." Carla was all smiles. Well, she always is.

"No, it's fine! We just got here. Time to eat!" Kolie said, chocking Robin with her right arm. It's incredible, how they're so comfortable with each other.

It's a relief Wayne never mentioned anything again about that incident. He was my last hope after making things clear to the three and none of them took me seriously. They were all just laughing while I stomp my feet with frustration. And Nick. Well while he never mentioned anything anymore. He wouldn't even speak up when Robin teases me about us. It took me two days before giving up and just let the thing pass by itself. We're all sitting at our table. Well technically, it's not our table. It's just that it felt like we've acclaimed ownership of the thing after eating lunch at the same table everyday for a week. I was looking down at my half-eaten Chicken Caesar Sandwich while Kolie and Carla were all hyped about the upcoming Christmas Trip of the senior batch. Wait, Christmas Trip?

"Christmas Trip?" I looked up and saw everyone turned to me.

"Oh, you still haven't heard? It's tradition for the senior batch go on a Christmas Trip on they're last December in school." Wayne answered my question.

"Isn't that fantastic?" Carla was sitting beside me and her eyes did scream fantastic. Then I realized. First the festival, then a Christmas Trip, what's next? A Valentine's Day Pool Party? Never thought that when our school said, "Where you'll have the best years in your life," they meant it literally. It was like 50% academic, 50% fun celebrations and such. Or 40:60, actually.

"Oh. Yeah, sounds great." I knew the way I said it didn't agree with my words.

"Hmf. Yeah, sounds great." Nick copied my words exactly how I said them and put a fry in his mouth. He obviously wanted to laugh at me. I rolled my eyes. And turned to the others.

"I mean it. It sounds great!" I turned to Carla and smiled.

"It should be! Each section would have different trips. For us, we get to live, all of us, in a mansion, in a single house, at countryside and we will have lots of fun. No adults. We prepare our own food and take care of everything." Robin's eyes were twinkling. No, he was staring at the ceiling, actually. Then Kolie slapped the back of his head.

"Where did your soul go?" Kolie said then she faced me. "So yeah, I heard last year's seniors talking about their Christmas Trips and it really sounds fun. One section got to go to a beach, another in the middle of a forest, the others I'm not really sure but at least we get to have a whole mansion and amazing landscapes outside our windows."

"Except that the mansion we're talking about is a 6-hour travel away from school." Wayne added. I was looking at him and noticed Nick stood up and walked towards the water dispenser.

"6-hours?" I was never a fan of long travel rides.

"Oh don't worry about it. I'm sure even the bus ride will be fun!" Carla placed her hand on my left shoulder. "WAYNE WE'RE SEATMATES! PERIOD, FINAL, DONE." She removed her hand off my shoulder and continued with her Salad Wrap. Without even looking at me.

"Huh?" I looked at Wayne, who was very much surprised as I am.

"C-car, what about me?!" I grasped her right arm but she ignored me. I looked at Kolie.

"Oh, Robin and I have already agreed we're going to be seatmates. I'm sorry, Bri." She said blankly and just like Carla, she continued with their food.

"CARLAAA! Who am I supposed to sit with for six full hours then?" I was practically screaming at her ear. Then I noticed everyone turn their heads at the same direction. So I did, too. We were all looking at the same person walkingtowards our table. Nick stopped in front of the table with a glass of water in his hand. "What? What did I do?"