Addicted to the sadness,

Addicted to the madness

Of craving your attention.

Usually so needy, who I attract

I guess I know why, can't take it back,

In need of a new mindset.

Not a need, just a craving,

Not a girl who needs saving,

Just too easily addicted.

Just another façade,

Been here before?

Is it too late to stop?

Need I, or…?

Is what I want what I got?

I wasn't looking for anything,

so anything is more

than I was hoping for.

Silly girl, silly girl,

Let what will unfurl, unfurl.

Life is short, so love.

That is all,

So what is so wrong with my world?

That is all.

My brain can be addicted to the sadness,

And sometimes to the madness

That comes with independence.

Isn't that what I wanted?

To feel?

To be real?