Mind games,

My dear, haven't you had enough?

I know we said we'd always be there,

But it was more than "times got rough."

Yes, I loved you.

There was a time when you were everything.

You were the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

You were my sky, earth, stars- the world to me.

Can you really say with a straight face

That you still deserve anything from me?

I can't imagine what we could be now.

I can't imagine what your intentions must me.

I may be over-thinking this.

You may have made a mistake.

Still, you must have thought of me.

Still, I can't think of anything for us to say.

I joke about how much I want to hate you.

Girl, you know I want to.

I'm sure you want to hate me too.

I used to love you, in a long ago time, it's true.

So now what can you want?

Haven't you had your fill?

I loved you then,

But our love has ended, still.