Thicker than


I've always been that girl, you know. The one who embodied all that the Three P's stood for – Pretty, Preppy, and Popular. I was the one all the boys wanted and all the girls wanted to be. I was Jayde Kasperoni and that was all anybody needed to know.

Then there's my twin sister Annah.

She looked mostly like me, of course, we were twins after all. But her golden hair was cut shorter than mine, wavy for me and straight for her. We both had a beauty spot high on our cheekbones, and we both for some reason had dark eyes. Mine were as black as any midnight in odd contrast to my pale colouring. Hers were mixed with shades of brown.

We were so similar, Annah and I, yet we were nothing alike. I was the outgoing Queen Bee who dressed in Hollister skirts and Abercrombie tops. She was the one who lurked around by herself in thrift-store clothing and ragged sneakers even though we both had practically limitless credit cards. She never spoke up in school whereas I had everyone wrapped around my little finger. I was my parents' favourite too as the older by three minutes, and we all knew it. It was an open secret.

Then we moved to Withered Blossom, California.

I wasn't really excited. Our dad was the CEO of Utopia, a global hotel-and-restaurant chain, and we were moving to Withered Blossom so that he could keep an eye on a new branch that had recently opened there. Annah and I would start at Withered Blossom Academy for Girls. It would be a huge change, arriving just after junior year had started, when all the cliques had been formed and friendships forged. I never had any doubt as to which ones Annah and I would end up in, though.

She was a loner and I was the opposite. But blood is thicker than water, just like they always say, and in the end…

In the end our differences really didn't matter at all.