I can be a lot to handle sometimes,

But would you prefer I was cold?

a)Or do you like the heat?

Baby, either you want everything,

a)Or you don't want me.


I can be a little crazy, it's true.

But would you prefer I was boring?

b)Do you want a typical girl?

I'm strong, and I'm more than okay.

b)I want you, and if you want me, we can have the world.


I want you, and no one else,

But I cannot sacrifice myself.


If I had to, I could live without you,

I don't want to, but I can't come back from repeating

what I've already been through.


You aren't like that, from what I've seen.

I love that you respect how I am from where I've been.


Do you see what you're doing?

I can't help falling.

c)But I'm falling for a you that respects.

If that isn't who you are,

c)I have to find what I should expect.


Do you realize how difficult this truly is?

Do you realize Idon't know how to act if this is who you reall are?

d)I don't know how to be treated well.

I don't know how to act sometimes.

d)How do a boy and a girl interact without inflicting some kind of hell?


How does a man treat a woma with love?

e)I've seen it before, but I don't know how it feels.

e)How does a man sound when he says sweet things- and it's real?


I've always run away; I didn't know my place.

f)I didn't believe these words anymore.

Life has proven that people lie.

f)I've been shown that any girl can be made to feel like a whore.


g)What is it like to be beautiful in someone else's eyes?

I feel beautiful to myself, so I need no approval.

g)It's just nice to feel beautiful with someone who is mine.


Maybe you can teach me.

h)Maybe you cannot.

If you don't want all of me,

h)I'll have to move on.


I want to share my world with you.

I honestly do.

I'll give you the chances you deserve,

But if you really want me, I want proof.

I've said all that I can say,

And this is all I can do.