They lie on the floor, his arms wrapped around her torso, her hands resting on his chest. Their legs are tangled together and her hair spills across the floor beneath them. She has her eyes closed but his are glued to her. He couldn't believe how gorgeous she was. He couldn't remember the last time he told her that. His eyes eventually drifted shut, and he fell asleep, with her on his mind the whole time.

While they were sleeping, his hold on her loosened, and she rolled over, right onto a discarded DVD case from the movie still playing on the television. Groaning, she pulled herself up and ejected the DVD from the player, putting it in the case, which she then put on her dresser.

She looked down and saw him lying on her floor, looking so peaceful, the soft light from the street lamp outside cast across his features, making him look young and innocent.

She went to her bed, and grabbed a pillow and some blankets. If he was going to sleep on the floor, he might as well be comfortable.

She knelt down beside him, and covered him with a blanket. She smoothed his hair away from his face, and smiled down at him.

Suddenly, she had a devious idea.

She went back to her bed, and grabbed another pillow. Sneaking up behind him, she raised it, and brought it down with deadly precision right on his head.

"Hey!" he woke with a yell, and rolled over onto her ankles.

The impact knocked her over, and she fell over him.

He rolled over quickly, capturing her in his arms, and pinning her to the floor. He straddled her, and pinned her arms to the floor.

"Give?" he asks her with a smirk.

"Never!" she cries, struggling to break free.

"Your choice then!" He gives a battle cry, and lets her free. He dashes over to the bed, and grabs the nearest pillow. He starts hitting her with it, until she is forced to grab one of her own to defend herself. A rain of white feathers starts drifting to the floor, and they stare at each other with wide eyes.

He takes her moment of hesitation to leap at her. He captures her waist, and spins her around and around until she is gasping for breath, and the world is spinning for both of them. They collapse back onto the floor, gasping for air, arms around each other. He tickles her until she squeals, but neither of them have enough energy to keep it up, and so settle themselves onto the blankets she lay on the floor.

They fall asleep once again in each other's arms, smiles on their faces, and their love so big, it encompasses the whole room, feathers and all.