The blood drips down my hands and the woman screams, but the sound of my heart pounding against my chest from the fear, the excitement, drowns out all other sounds. The woman's face has been slashed in many places and yet I can still see the pain and fright as she blindly crawls around, looking for the one thing that will save her from all this torment. I take the two blades in my hands and rub the edges against each other, making a horrible sound that would send shivers up anyone's spine. The lady whimpers at the sound and searches for the closest corner to huddle by. I slowly walk over to her, now waving the blades in front of her. She tries to crawl away, but I grab her by her blood soaked blonde hair and wrestle her into a headlock. I rest a blade on the girls throat and run the tip down her chest to cut of her blouse. She begs for me to stop. She begs God to save her, but I asked her "If there is a God then, why am I so fucked up?" I let go of the headlock and slam her against the wooden walls of the cabin. "Here, hold these for me." I take her left hand, put it up against the wall and shove the tip of the knife through her hand and into the wood. She tries to stop me, but I grab her by the throat and slam her head against wall. Her body goes limp, but she's not unconscious. I take her other hand and do the same thing. She mumbles something, but I don't hear it. "Now, now... You either speak loud enough for me to hear you or I'll have to teach you some respect." I say, taking a box out from a nearby cabinet and searching through it for a couple things.

"You're a monster... And you're going to... To..."

"And I'm going to rip out all of your teeth and slice off your fucking tits. How about that, hm?" I take some pliers and open her mouth with no resistance. "The blow to the head must have knocked most of the fight out of you. Shame, but I'm on tight schedule so the show must continue." I say, letting out a slight giggle as I reach in with the pliers. "Just remember, I warned you." With the last words I took hold of a tooth and yanked it out. She jars her head to the left from the sudden pain, but she makes no noise. She doesn't make a sound until I pull out the last tooth and still it's only a moan. "I think I know something that will make you scream." A smile creeps upon my face as she looks up at me in horror. I rummage through my box until I find a plum shaped device. "You see this?" I ask, waving it in her face. "No? Well, it's an instrument that people call the choke pear. They put it in the person's mouth, and with this little screw, they turn it and the four sides widen. They turn, and turn the screw until the jaw is dislocated, which causes humongous amounts of pain." I set it to the side and start taking off her pants. She must still be trying to regain consciousness, because she still isn't fighting me. "But that wouldn't be enough. I know all about you, Brooke. I know that you slept with over seventy guys in college, got pregnant twice, and got an abortion for both times. I know you're as slutty as they come." I say, taking off the last of her clothes. Now she's completely naked, covered in blood from all the holes and gashes on her body, and she's finally starting to really wake up. "I don't kill just random people, Brooke. I kill people who don't take life seriously and only want to play around. You have been given life and you had so much potential to be something amazing, but instead you decided to fuck every little douche you fucking saw. Tonight, you're suffering for it so that you may learn to cherish life." I take the metal device from the floor and wind it all the way down. "After tonight, you'll never be able to enjoy the thrill you so desperately sought after." She starts to whimper as I get closer and clenches her jaw shut. I can't help, but laugh. "Wrong hole." I take the final steps and thrust my arm up and shove the device into her pussy, which instantly contracts and she starts kicking and screaming at me.

"Get the fuck away from me you son of a bitch! No, please!" She pleads. "Please, I've learned my lesson! I won't sleep around anymore and I'll cherish life and all that other stuff you said! Please, just don't hurt me..." As she speaks, blood splatters on my face as her gums start to bleed and fill her mouth with the crimson fluid.

"But you must suffer for all the pain you've caused and for ignoring life itself." I start turning the knob slowly. She shrieks and starts to struggle. The knives are tearing open her hand wider and wider the more she fights. "The more you move the more this is going to hurt." I say, and yet she's still moving. I turn the knob faster and faster. Soon I meet the resistance of her pelvic bone, but I just keep going, and soon it cracks and then shatters. She tries to scream, but the blood trickles down her throat and she starts to choke. "Now, there's one last thing I need to do. I want you to remember this for the rest of your life." I take one last thing from the box, a cordless drill. "This is gonna hurt like a motherfucker. Just to let you know." I start it up and drill two holes, one on both breasts, which just shreds the inside of them, and she wails, but a quick jab to her side shuts the little cunt up. The floor beneath us is a little slippery as blood runs down her legs from her vagina and onto the floor. "Almost done now, so just shut the fuck up!" I hover the drill over her left eye. "Enjoy the last few seconds of sight, because this will be the last thing you see." I smile. I hold her head with one hand and drill into her eye with the other. She screams so loud she makes herself hoarse and spends the next two minutes wheezing and spitting blood. Her eyeballs, along with her eye lids, are torn apart and ripped from her head. "Now is the true test to see if you've actually learned." I drop the drill and take the knives out of her hands. She crumbles to the floor. "Will you survive long enough for help to arrive?" I take her arm and drag her out of the cabin and into the tree line. She whispers to me to stop. "It's best to use what will most likely be the last few minutes of your life to pray to your God. If he does exist, he'll be the only one that can save you." And with that I make my way back to the cabin to clean up. I have two days before the next visit and this one will take a while to clean up.


A/N: I plan on making this at least five chapters long. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions then please feel free to tell me. People might wonder why she didn't die of blood loss. That's because the killer avoided all the major stuff until the end and the story only takes about ten to fifteen minutes from start to finish, including the stuff you didn't see at the beginning. If any further questions ask in a review or PM me. Thanks to my BETA , MyWeirdWorld, for reading this crazy shit.