1Dust's Icy blue finger hung over the button, ha, ha, ha, Almighty Storm will never be able to save all these people! "You see that Almighty Storm?" Dust said turning around to speak to the chained and gagged superhero. "What a lovely and populated city. It's such a shame that soon it will be frozen!"

Almighty Storm struggled against her bindings fear burning in her eyes as she fought to free herself. "You want to hear my plot? Well you have no choice you see, I've created a machine that is capable of ejecting large quantities of snow, basically a giant snow machine, but I've imbued it with some of my ice essence making it spew out not snow but ice! Within a matter of an hour the whole city will be nothing but a giant block of ice!" Dust laughed.

"And now, the show," Dust whispers pushing the button.

The machine started to shake and then a great gush of ice burst out, cloaking the nearby buildings in ice and killing anyone unfortunate enough to be on the streets. Dust laughed and left the room-leaving Storm to watch the poor people suffer and die. Storm continues to struggle but it's no use, the knots were too tight. After several minutes Storm got an idea, she closed her eyes and called upon her powers and a bolt of lightning came down splitting the ropes and freeing her.

Wasting no time, Almighty Storm broke the window and launched herself into the air and a horrible sight greeted her. Over half the city had already been frozen, and more of it froze with every passing second, with many innocents dying... How could she ever have let this happen? "You are too late Almighty Storm!" Dust says from behind her, also floating in the sky. "Your precious city is doomed! Doomed I tell you, doomed! Mwhahahahahahahahahaha!"

"Not yet it isn't!" Almighty storm snarled back.

Almighty Storm raised her hands in the air and a dark, black cloud forms overhead. She then pointed at Dust's machine and a great bolt of thundering lightning crashed into it with an almighty bang! The smoke cleared and all that was left of the machine was a melted lump of metal welded to the floor of the building, Dust screamed with rage. "You will pay for that Storm!"

Dust flew at Storm a gush of ice shooting out of her hands but Storm dodged and sent a lightning bolt at Dust, who also dodged it. And so the deadly dance continued, with many flashes and bangs both seem to be equally matched until one time when Dust was too slow and a lightning bolt hits her in the chest, knocking her out of the sky. Storm flew down and kneeled beside Dust; there is a gaping whole in Dust's chest yet she still lived, gasping for breath. "You may have killed me but I have killed your city, so you don't win I do."

"You may have killed my city but at least I have stopped you from doing harm ever again," Almighty Storm answered gravely.

"True." Dust paused. "Can you tell mom I love her?" She whispered.

"Yes," Almighty Storm replies, tears in her eyes.

And with that the evil Dust dies, archenemy and sister. "Goodbye sis, I will miss you," Almighty Storm cried kissing her sister's head for the last time.

The End!