Odd.. That anyone would read this. Ha! Who am I kidding, no one will, unless I ask them to.
Anyway, if you are reading this (Not because I asked you to) and you keep reading and read it all, I'll be glad.
You could write a review just saying:

I read it.

It would make me glad.
Anyway, this goes under the biography, category, thingy, because it fits here, in my head.
This is a biography, somewhere, if you read it the right way.
There should be a category called random. 'Cause for anyone but me, this is.
It does make sense though. Every word has it's meaning, and I didn't just put it there for fun. There is a meaning to it all. If you get it, you get me.
Somehow I does make sense. That wasn't a mistake, I wrote "does" for a reason. Figure it out.

They're on it again. Good.
Ups. That doesn't go here, forget that.
Nope not gonna erase it.

I'm insane I know, no arguing that. Read my thoughts, figure them out if you can. Just read it. That's all I ask.
Sorry for that, that's rude, asking.

Maybe you wanna read it?

I promise you, it does and doesn't make sense. Then you're warned.

All out.


"She went out the door." (Front door)
"Okay, that's a joke, she'd never do that." (Too afraid)
"Okay then.." (Of course)
"She /didn't/ go out the door." (Own room door)
"You know that's a lie." (Too restless)
"Yes, and it'd be stupid to stay." (Nothing will happen)
"But safe." (From the world)
"Yeah, but she'd just be on the computer." (Waste of time)
"Which is the only thing she's got." (Only thing to use the time on)
"Which means something." (Apperently)
"She thinks." (Maybe)
"Nah, not really." (Never any thoughts)
"Maybe not, maybe so." (Not really sure about the last statement)
"It's dangerous." (To be online)
"It also is to stay away." (Too many people to upset)
Whatever, she never knows what's right - Can't seem to do the right thing
true - Always is
She's confused - Jep
Always is - Always
Guess most are - Probably
Mmm.. - I think
It's funny - It really is amusing
What is? - You know it
You know, everything - Everything, which makes no sense
Yeah, or maybe sad - That too
Could be - It is
It's getting pathetic - Jep this is rediculous
Not getting, it has always been - Probably, just haven't always seen it
She doesn't know where to stop, or start - Nothing makes sense
She's good at choosing all the wrong things - Never making the right choices
It hurts - Again
It always does, somewhere - In the hand now
This one is new - Yeah, it was the other hand yesterday
Yeah, the others she knows - Normally the back, spine, neck, head and maybe legs when I wallk
Stop that - No period, not ending the sentence like before
Sorry - Remember it.

"Took a break?" (Had to write the other statements)
"We're back." (Too bad) "You know you like it." (It keeps me intertained?)
"Annoying." (You are) "Thanks." (You know what I'm here for. Or you are)
"We are." (As I said) "We are the same after all." (Probably)
"Jep." (Good) "That I confirm?" (Jep)
"Going now?" (I hope so. Kinda)
"let's leave her alone." (Thanks. kinda)
"Okay." (Good)
Bye - Just spell that wrong a million times - I did - Yes - *Shrug*