Note: Try saying the title a few times out loud if you're not sure what I meant. ;) Written for the Review Game Forum's October Writing Challenge Contest. Check out the other entries and vote for your favorite from the 8th – 14th. This month's prompt was: 'Maybe this world is another planet's Hell' - Aldous Huxley

In Light Dement

In my first life I am static.

I am. I exist. I am fingers and toes and eyes and tongue. I am quiet and waiting.

I am peace.

Here there is music. Drumbeats and whispers of motion, promises of a dynamic world, but my life is slumber. I sleep and know fingers, toes, eyes, tongue, and an approaching something.

The day comes when my first life must end; I move.

Fingers and toes animate and I wriggle, I turn. I am kinetic and there is no place for kinetic in this world. I am ready.

My first world closes in, small and pressing and I am pain. I feel fear and I can't return, can't go back to stasis and waiting. The time has come.

I am reborn.

I exist, but I am more. I am chilled fingers, prickled toes, burning eyes, and straining tongue. I am noise and feeling.

I am chaos.

Here there is bright. Light stabs and eyes find shapes and shadows, but I am bewilderment. I know discovery, the reality of a wide world, a dynamic world, and sorrow.

On the first day of my second life I know the sensation, the taste, the sound of mourning.

"Welcome to the world, little one."

I scream.