Everyone has an illusion

Something they hold dear to their heart

An illusion, not real from the start

They've done the impossible

And lied to themselves

Everyone has an illusion

Be it big or small

Some of happiness and content

Some of grandeur

Some of love

Some of wealth

Everyone has an illusion

Everyone has an illisuion

What makes something an illusion?

If it is an unreal ideal

That some has managed to convince not just the world,

But themselves, the hardest to lie to

Everyone has an illusion

Perhaps more then one

Do you believe me not?

I'll pick an example to start

See that girl

Over there

She's convinced herself, the world,

That not getting into a certain school

Was truly best for her

Despite her previous desires to attend

She has chosen not to see and hear what contradicts the illusion

Another example, I'll choose

So you can it's true

See that boy

He's convinced himself he thinks for himself

That he doesn't follow someone around

Imitating their actions

Another fine example is over there

Singing by the stage

A common illusion

That she is a great actress

Dancer and singer

Theater galore

Everybody has an illusion

That they hold close to their heart

And would dread to part

Big or Small

Everyone has an illusion

What is yours?