Fabrications in Autumn

Fall breeze, browning leaves, arching trees

The world, our maze, in a daze, a haze

Feeding time is over, put away the cups;

Those above the surface, this is the end of luck.

For we have all died a million times,

Each final rest brought about by the chimes.

The sun arises and we are born

Old faces weary and forlorn.

We mourn the loss of solitude

And turn each head towards the crude –

That is survival, that is our hearts

Which bring us together as Autumn departs.

Words mean nothing, yet we all know

The world will cry under ice and snow.

Trees almighty, reaching high

Will no longer be havens for men that can fly.

But do we know there's more incentive

To live in fear yet be attentive

Or smile and laugh as we wave goodbye

And turn our heads to the diamond sky?

Should we welcome winter, arms outstretched,

Or dwell on days of life we've catch'd?

Do we live in dreams with pictures taken,

Looking back on all we've fake'n?

Or do we look ahead?