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Jason's eyes bolted open. He sat up cautiously, confusedly, even. It was that same dream. It kept reoccurring for the past few weeks. Again, just like he had many other times, he tried to think of what he had done yesterday that could have been the catalyst for this dream. No, Nightmare. He bluntly corrected himself. He liked to call her the Violet Eyed- Terror, the girl from his dreams. It made sense to call her that. She clearly was not human, or anything of the sort. Plus, it just sounded really cool. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something rustle against the wall. He spun his head around only to find his cat, Mumford. Lying on the soft cat bed atop a cat playground he bought for him.

Jason conjured up enough energy to sleepily slide his legs over the edge of the bed. He stumbled over to the small bathroom compartment. He was staying in an apartment just off campus to the nearby college he was attending. His parents lived in the next town over, so they vouched to pay rent for a couple weeks until he was able to find a decent job in the area. The apartment wasn't too big. It had about 3 main rooms. It was split level, the top floor containing a living room combined with a kitchen, and downstairs a bedroom, some closets and a very small bathroom. He splashed a bit of cold water from the sink onto his face to wake himself up further and hopped into a shower in preparation for a long Wednesday of studying English literature and calculus.

He quickly pulled on some dark jeans and a simple t-shirt and headed outside, ignoring the hung-over shouts of his party-obsessed neighbor, who was going to be pretty dang late. Once he got into his car, he practically sank into his seat like it was a bunch of jello. It was going to be a VERY long day.

He pushed his aching legs down the final staircase on campus toward his small blue raspberry jolly rancher-colored Camaro. He was very tired once he stepped into the complex, yet very relieved. It may not seem like it, but the blaring music across the hall was beginning to get relaxing…it was home. 7:30 at night seemed pretty early to be partying. He sighed and turned the corner to his room. Something…was very odd about what he saw next.

His door was wide open. No loose bolt, a stripped frame, not a thing was damaged. . The door was somehow opened. He had one key with him in his pocket. He felt around to be sure, and was correct. The only other key was locked away in a safe somewhere in the depths of the apartment storage room. He wondered if maybe he had left it unlocked, and some party animal from across the hall slid in to take a look around. Yeah, that HAS to be it. He thought. He was surprised at how calm he was about this, but what he heard from inside was not loosely-strung drunken slurs. The voices were normal. Almost sophisticated, but had a speck of poison in the sound of their voices. One man and one woman. He hesitated to step inside, he contemplated getting the security, but he was way too curious to really care. The second he tried to step in he was spun around and shoved to the wall by something, or someone. His thoughts were racing, varying from "what is going on?" and "Who is this? Let me at 'em!" There was a hand over his eyes so he couldn't see who it was. He heard more footsteps and an absolutely evil cackle. Almost like one from one of those Disney movies….like Maleficent.

'Victoria? What have you caught now?'

'A-ah! Lady Kara…'

The hand fell from over his eyes. He looked at the group of three in front of him. They only stared back like he was some sort of Zoo animal. He realized he wasn't being held to the wall anymore so he tried to move his shoulders at least, but he was frozen like a block of ice. Something was holding him. It began to move upwards to his neck, like there was something pushing very slowly. It was an annoying pain, almost like a paper cut. The one with long brown hair, trailing down her back, stopping at her hips, stepped over to him with blood red heels. She got up close to him, a little too close. She brought her hand up in the air, revealing sharp nails. She simply let one nail trail across his cheek.

He felt fear sear through his body as he realized, already, blood was trickling down his face and onto a puddle of blood on the floor. She giggled lightly and stepped away. He looked around; there was the man, jet black hair and gold-colored eyes. They were striking, and furious. He looked over to the one who kept their hand over his eyes.

She bore a resemblance to the other woman, only younger, with violet eyes. Wait, Violet Eyes? He studied her more carefully and his eyes widened at who he saw.

It was her.