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Nylora Night School

Chapter Six

Cyril tilted his head slightly and looked at Oliver, his face completely blank of emotion. "For what?" he asked. "I just caused a lot of shit for you at school... I kind of expected you to be mad. Or freaked out at least.." His voice trailed off and he looked away a little, rubbing the back of his neck.

Oliver tilted his head down as his face became even more red. "Like I care about the shit whenyoujustkissedme," he said, his voice dropping down to barely a whisper quickly at the end. He wasn't sure if he wanted the other to hear, but he realized he might as well of just said it normally anyways the second after he spoke the words. Damn vampire and his damn senses. Damn.

Cyril let out a soft chuckle and stood up, putting his hands in his pockets. "Yeah?" He looked over at him, watching for a moment, ignoring all of the whispers from students he knew Oliver would have to face on Monday. "You're seriously not freaking out?"

"Does it look like I'm freaking out?" he asked rhetorically, looking up so he could stand up too. "I'm sorry you had to do that," he said. "You don't know how much it means to me..." he said, but quickly played it off. "For saving me again, I mean. It's just, yeah, I don't like her, and..." he trailed off, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration at his own stupidity.

"Ah," Cyril smiled and turned away slightly. "You don't like her? That's the only reason?" He stood silently, his back to Oliver but his head tilted just slightly so he could see him from the corner of his eye.

Oliver, never the type to just open up like that and say his true feelings and whatever was on his mind, cleared his throat. "No, it's not," his mind screamed. Nobody could ever believe how hard he was wishing that the other wouldn't be able to read his mind. But not because he didn't want the other to know. He just didn't want the other to not feel the same feelings and embarrass him all to hell.

Cyril simply smiled again, looking around to the people watching the scene unfold. He turned back to Oliver and leaned in, whispering: "Let's go somewhere else to eat. We'll come back next weekend and hit the rides we missed tonight." He smirked when Oliver's face flushed deeper as he replied with a nod.

Cyril led Oliver from the park and back to his car. They got in and both got situated. Cyril turned on the car, but didn't start driving. He tapped at the steering wheel with his thumb, thinking of what to say. He turned to Oliver, who was looking out the window, and spoke loudly and clearly. "I didn't do that just to make her leave."

Oliver's face continued to go more red, if that was possible. He was sure it looked like he had been stuck in the middle of the desert with no liquids and had been holding his breathe for two weeks straight. He took a deep breathe as to calm himself, exhaling slowly. He turned his head toward Cyril, searching his eyes for any sign to show that he wasn't telling the truth. He didn't find any. "R-Really?" he asked quietly, his voice the complete opposite of Cyril's bold tone.

Cyril nodded. "Really." He leaned in a little, tilting his head slightly, his face only inches away from Oliver's. He watched him carefully for his reaction, smirking slightly when Oliver only gulped nervously. He sat up straight leaned back into the headrest of his seat, closing his eyes while he thought. "I was jealous. To see her talking to you like that, acting so innocent for you... It pissed me off." His head rolled to the side some so he could look out the window, continuing with a softer voice. "She never did anything to help you, then suddenly she wants what should clearly be mine."

Oliver's eyes widened at the soft words that emitted from Cyril's mouth. He gulped, turning his gaze to his jeans and eyeing them like they were the most interesting thing he's ever seen in his entire life. "Well, maybe I don't like her because I'd much rather be yours," he mumbled quietly, his cheeks feeling like they were going to permanently set on fire.

Cyril chuckled to himself and, without hesitation, put both of his hands on the sides of Oliver's neck, using his thumbs to tilt the smaller boy's face to his. "So be mine," he whispered before kissing Oliver full on the lips, his eyes closing just like before.

Oliver's eyes instinctively fluttered closed and he leaned gently into the other, reaching one hand up to lightly rest on the elder's own. He kissed him back as he nodded slightly into it, his heart pounding so hard against his chest he knew he must be causing the other to go deaf inside the hunk of metal they were sitting in.

The redhead smiled slightly against Oliver's lips before pulling away. They both opened their eyes, Oliver more shyly than Cyril. The larger boy looked deeply into the smaller eyes staring up at him. He laughed softly, mumbling: "Strange turn of events... Now let's go get some food before I starve. Or I might just eat you." He turned back to the steering wheel and drove out of the parking lot and away from the park, heading towards a cluster of the city filled with restaurants.

Oliver's face flushed again and he stared ahead as the two went to find somewhere to eat, away from the wandering eyes of their classmates.

Come Monday evening, Oliver wasn't surprised to see his redheaded... Boyfriend, waiting in his driveway before school, cigarette in hand just like always. He locked the door behind him and headed over, getting into his normal spot in the passenger's seat while Cyril got in the driver's side. He still wasn't used to this, he was nervous for what was waiting for him at school. He stared down at his feet.

"Hey, you okay?" Cyril looked over to Oliver, who only nodded. "It's gonna be okay... I promise." Oliver only nodded again. Cyril watched him, letting out a soft sigh. He reached into the back seat of his car and pulled out a decently sized black box. He set it on Oliver's lap to get his attention - it worked. "I got that for you."

"F-for me?" Oliver stuttered nervously, trying to avoid looking in Cyril's eyes. He ran his hand across the top of the box, wondering what it held inside. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah... Open it," Cyril encouraged softly.

"Thanks..." Oliver smiled a little and slowly opened the box to find red tissue paper. He pushed it aside, pausing when he saw something shine. He looked at Cyril, who nodded for him to continue - so he did. He pushed the rest of the tissue paper to the side of the box to see a leather collar with a lock to fasten it. He looked over at Cyril, realizing it was almost identical to the one he always wore.

Cyril reached over and lifted it from the box. He opened the lock with the key (which was attached to a chain) and looked at Oliver. "Look at me," he commanded softly. Oliver obeyed and slowly looked up at Cyril, turning his body slightly to the other. "Thank you." Cyril smiled and put the collar around Oliver's neck, locking it into place. It was a perfect fit. He took the key and draped it around his own neck, the key falling to hide inside his shirt. Pulling another key out of his pocket, he put that one around Oliver's neck, holding the key in his hand and rubbing it softly with his thumb. "This key opens mine." He smiled softly, leaning in to kiss Oliver once more. "It's so that everyone knows that you're mine."

Oliver smiled slightly, taking the key from Cyril's hand and looking at it. He wasn't sure what to say, so he sat quietly, trying to avoid Cyril's eyes though they were just inches away from him.

"I promise it's going to be okay," Cyril assured, sitting upright. "I'll kill anyone who gives you shit for this."

Oliver smiled softly to himself, muttering a quiet "Thanks.." even though he knew Cyril wasn't joking.

The two sat in peaceful silence as they drove to school and exited the car in the back of the school building. As they walked, Cyril draped his arm over Oliver's shoulders, smirking when he heard a squeal followed by an "Ohmygosh!" from a girl behind them.

Oliver's body tensed a soon as a squeal emitted from some girl's mouth, preparing himself for the shoving, harsh words and the teasing that he was positive would follow. But as they continued to walk, nothing came. People just stared. In response, Oliver's lips twisted into a wide smile before he wrapped his arm around the other's waist, which only caused quiet murmurs to be exchanged between the students.

Cyril smiled and put his free hand in his pocket, tightening his arm around Oliver's shoulders. He leaned down a little and whispered "I told you it'd be okay, didn't I?" He stood up as they continued to walk and spoke clearly so some approaching guys could hear. "I'll kill anyone who messes with you."

Oliver only hated Cyril for one reason. He could always make his face go redder than a freaking tomato. "I know, I know," he mumbled quietly, in response to both comments. He started at the boys who passed them, whispering to each other and trying to discreetly point. He just laughed, resting his head a little against Cyril.