I was born in a time where women ruled the world, happy in every aspect, and never disappointed. Our three leaders, Betty White, Dolly Parton, and Oprah Winfrey, had established the perfect world for us. There had been a plan for revolution since computers had been invented. Not many had known about it, but it wasn't a surprise when it happened. In the year 2020, when robots had finally been 'finished' by men, women took over.

Females took the robots, and created their own, better versions. All they had really needed was to sit back and let the men pass by, unaware of the threat. Computers were reprogramed to take any male child to the land of no women. It used to be known as Antarctica, but since women developed a perfect landscapes to keep men busy fishing, hunting, and quietly living their lives, many called it Man Land, or ML for short. They stayed there until the Choosing.

Woman kind had developed such advanced technology, that no more fossil fuels were burning, because our hovercrafts ran on dead grass, which was cut to half an inch, by automatic lawnmowers called LawnScissors. Everything was recycled in some shape or form. Paper was recycled into new trees through a long process. All food was used to make glorious flowers and plants. No unnecessary gases were used, keeping the air clean and safe. Anything dangerous, such as cremation and uncooperative animals, were kept deep underground.

It had been decided that no one paid any bills, taxes, or money, ever. Since Machines had been programed to do all manual labor, no body worked, unless someone was pulled in quickly to fix a small error, which happened only about once every twenty years. If anyone needed anything, Wal-Mart had been tweaked so that everything was perfectly organized, and slower versions of roller coasters carried everyone around. All anyone had to do was work for at least two hours every night, trying to create new things, or as school teachers.

Lives were really perfect. Medicine was fixed so that no miscarriages happened or no loss of babies occurred. Until the age of five, children did not attend school, which started in January and ended in April, due to the highly intelligent gene pools. If you failed something, you stayed and relearned it one-on-one with the teacher that afternoon, but it was rare. By the age of 15, women had just graduated college, and received their own house wherever they wanted to live, being able to fly over and visit family anytime, it was anywhere they wanted to live.

When a woman had signed for her house, the machines would renovate houses of past women to be just alike. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two stories, with a kitchen, dining room, living room, and many closets for shoes and clothes. By then, they had also received a hovercraft in their choice of color(s), and any pet they could ever want. This is also when they went to their Choosing in Man Land.

This is where my story first took place. Where I learned, that the world was not perfect, as I had seen it my whole life. Men were not dumb, but they were not treated as we had been. They had to pay bills, taxes, and everything else. They were paying for all the years of putting women down, for all sexist comments ever uttered, and for not seeing how strong women really were. This is where I learned how lucky I had been