Chapter 1

It was a dreary day in my continent. We were known as Team America. The only reason we were called 'Team' was to make sure we knew that we could always depend on each other. It was an idea from Kärlek Dolly. She also had the idea to teach everyone English, so it was easier to communicate. Everyone was globally connected and peaceful. We lived our educated lives with our mothers and sisters, and reproduced on a set schedule.

Tomorrow, I would leave my mother for three days to go to Man Land to choose my mate. I would be with four guards and all other girls who shared my birthday. I had my PackBot choose my clothes for the event for me by scanning my brain and packing my things according to my brainwaves and the event programmed, all before dinner. I had already typed out a list of things I would look for, though I may be ahead if they asked us to do that there.

It was a delicious homemade spaghetti dinner that my mom had prepared, but I felt a little sluggish, seeing how carefree my younger sisters, the twins, Meagan and Keira, seemed to be. I picked at my food until I was alone at the table, at which point I finally stood up and cleaned my plate into the dog dish on the floor. I was tired, anxious, and worried about my future, which would begin tomorrow.

I went upstairs to my bathroom and turned on the automatic tooth cleanser. It was only seven fourteen, so I took a thirty minute shower, put baby powder and lotion on, cleaned my ears, and went to my room to watch the news.

"...In other news, our three Kärlek's are retiring! You heard it here, dears. Three more are coming in to take their places starting in two weeks. The three were chosen by the daily mind scanners, which also chose your fashion! These three are Cermine Johanstin, taking Oprah's spot. Fefe Horastine for Betty White, and Jojo Facture, replacing dearest Dolly. Hear more about this on the eleven o'clock news." I clicked the t.v. to some show, and fell asleep in my bath towel.

"I love you!" Someone called. It was my mother's voice, but it sounded distorted.

"Mama?" I called back. I was in a field, and a figure was approaching. I couldn't make out her features, until I realized it wasn't a she. The man became more clear through the haze, and I tried to run as he got closer. I was stuck. No one could help me. I was going to be...

I jumped into wakefulness by the alarms. It was an efficient, but annoying way to be woken up. I shuddered at the dream. Just a dream. I stood and stretched, knocking the still-damp towel off. I grabbed it back up and headed back to the bathroom. Tooth cleanser, automatic hair fixer, make-up bot, which chooses make-up according to mood and date, food scaler. By the time the robots had finished with me, I was wearing a lovely girly-looking make-up style, which perfectly caught my personality, pearl white teeth, and my hair was neatly pulled up in a cute side-ponytail.

The robots hardly ever knew what to do with my naturally spiraling, Smokey topaz colored hair. It made it even harder to choose eyeshadows for my giant doe eyes. It probably didn't help that one of my eyes are spring green and the other is sky blue.

I pulled on a random nightgown and headed down to breakfast. I had perfectly scrambled eggs, two pieces of bacon, and a jelly biscuit with my sugary coffee. I was alone for now. No one else would wake up for twenty more minutes. This gave the help (robots) more time to doll me up for the Choosing.

I went back upstairs and was waxed, tweezed, lotion was applied, powdered, and remeasured, and sent to my room to be un-reddened. After that, I was sprayed with something to keep my skin from sweating. Like a full body deodorant powder.

Outfit time! I thought unenthusiastically. My closet was full of beautiful colors and varying styles, but I was worried about what outfit the robots would have chosen for me to go with the Smokey pink eyeshadow and flared mascara. It was hanging beside my bed. There. Right. In. Front. Of. Me. It was long, flowing, lightly layered, and light pink, with a white yellow tie-around belt. I loved it! Strangely enough, it looked exactly how I felt, and captured my personality. I was ready to go whenever the transporter arrived.

"Mina Happy Garcia! It's almost time to go! Come downstairs!" Mother called. I nearly fell running down the stairs. I never fall though. Robots.

I kissed and hugged my family goodbye. Even my father was there. Mother usually kept him in his Closet. They looked happy for me. I was worried, excited, anxious, and ruffled. I saw the craft. It already had seven girls in it. They could carry 21. We were sorted by personality so that there were no fights.

No fights. No worries, no problems. This was going to be fun.