Prologue - Auf Wiedersehen

Darkness began to engulf the light behind the clouds. The color in the sky shifted from blue to red while the evening stars began to glow above the green meadows and the creatures inhabiting it. When the last of the sun's light passed under the horizon the air began to freeze. At least it was cold enough for the young boy that was playing in the grass that it gave him the feeling that it was freezing. He was aware that it was cold because of his ragged clothes but he could care less. The boy kept playing within the meadows. Running after insects and getting dirt all over his clothing. Just like boys would do around his age. He was wondering if his mother was already cooking dinner like she normally would at this hour. It wouldn't be long before he would hear his mother's voice calling out for him. The boy knew that and so he continued to run around playing in the meadows. But as time passed and the sun had already gone down he was growing inpatient.

It wasn't like his mother to not call him for dinner or letting him play outside this late at night for that matter. On top of the hill in front of him, surrounded by gardens of flowers was an old cottage made of wood. The light emitting inside made the house as bright as a star in the night. It was one of the places that the boy had fond memories from. It was his home. He began making his way into the direction of the cottage. He made his way through the grass with ease but it was tough for his small body to proceed climbing up the hill. The child was still young and fragile. Then suddenly there was a scream and the fire from the living room that brighten the house was gone in a flash. It was dark. The voice sounded terrified as if that person saw her worst nightmare. The boy recognized the woman's voice. It was his mother. 'Mommy!' he yelled out in shock before he clutched his hands into the grass and climbed up the hill as fast as he could. He was worried. Something happened to his mother and he did not know what.

The light emitting from the moon was reflecting on his door. It was slightly opened. When the child finally arrived at the house and stood in front of the door he heard nothing. It was quiet. There was no sound coming from inside the house. 'Mommy?' The boy called for his mother. He was scared. Not knowing what to expect on the other side of that after gathering his courage he placed his tiny hands on the door and slowly pushed it door cracked before hitting the wall inside living room. The moon's light was now shining on him. Creating a shadow of his figure that was overshadowing his mother, her body. There was blood everywhere on the floor around her. The child stood there alone. Not knowing what happened. He only stared at the knife which was stabbed into her chest not noticing the presence of the hooded figures in the dark. As the clouds shifted the moon light made clear who was on the floor. The boy was finally able to see her eyes.

His mother's eyes. They were lifeless. . .