Chapter 5 – Behind the mask

The traveler stood up and moved away from the table. The tavern keeper kept an eye on him as he to the stairs. The atmosphere was different from before. He felt as if all eyes were upon him as he turned his back to the guests and soon arrived on the second floor of the tavern. 'Furlong éh? Better keep my guard up.' He thought to himself as he slowly wrapped his hand around the hilt of his blade before he began walking passed the doors. Each door had a number written on it but despite the fact that this was a tavern there was no sound coming from behind any of the doors that he passed. The wooden floor creaked under his footsteps. At the end of the narrow hallway after passing rows of doors he found one that was suspiciously open. He turned around carefully reading the corridor. The traveler didn't like to be ordered around but he agreed on the part about not being followed. It would give him quite the predicament. After he was certain no one followed him he passed the doorway. He didn't hear the creaking of wood under his feet anymore when he realized he was standing on a carpet. 'Enter and close the door will you?.' The voice of an old yet wise man could be heard from around the corner. The traveler knew who this voice belonged to.

The traveler closed the door behind him before stepping away from the doorway. He saw an old man with a long grey beard sitting on the chair in front of him. His long brown robe reaching his knees. He seemed to be a fragile old man but the traveler knew not to judge a book by its cover. Furlong closed the book he was reading and placed it on the side table next to him. 'Your Tragedy.' The traveler whispered softly as he read the title of the book from where he was standing. The thought crossed his mind for a brief moment that the title could have a double meaning as if Furlong knew about him. 'That's not the book you are looking for is it?' The old man asked him with a questioned expression on his face. 'I am not here to play games. You know what I am looking for!' There was a hint of desperation in his voice, but he soon regained his composure. Furlong smiled at the traveler. It was no ordinary smile like you would give to a friend. This was the smile of a man that knew he had the upper hand. 'When I received this from your former comrades I was quite surprised.' The traveler raised an eyebrow before Furlong stood up which made him tighten his grip on the hilt of his blade that was hidden by the dark brown cloak he was wearing. The old man moved closer to the book case that was in the corner of the room. He went through the books for quite some time until he finally turned to the young man holding a thin brown book, it's cover was soaked in blood splatters. The traveler's eyes widened in surprise before he tightened his grip around the hilt of his blade. His eyes fixed on Furlong. Ready to attack him at any moment.

'Now please stay calm. I don't want you to get hurt. Someone such as yourself should be well aware of the situation. We both want the same thing but I want you to get your hands dirty not mine.' Memories of the past began having an impact on the traveler's judgment. He knew he had to calm down. He was not the kind to send his sword swinging recklessly and thus he decided to take a deep breath to calm himself down and he decided to assess the situation. 'Give me the journal.' Furlong sat down on the wooden chair again next to the side table. He placed the journal on top of the book he was reading before he placed the index of all his five fingers from both his hands against each other creating a gap between his two hands that resembled a triangle. 'We both want the same. You want to take revenge on the men and women who were part of the massacre that occurred twenty seasons ago and I want the people with power in this country to disappear.' The young man tilted his head sideways. 'Are you saying the politicians were behind the death of my family?' The traveler asked angered and confused before Furlong shook his head. 'No but the people who were able to conceive such a plan wanted you and your family out of the game.' Furlong slowly looked up at the traveler. 'Eltrio. . .'