Chapter 7 - The Scepter of Miyara Vaux

The door behind the prince was suddenly flung open. Aseridth's eyes turned to the door and his eyes widened in disbelieve. He couldn't believe it what he was seeing. There was his son breathing heavily from the running. 'Father!' Eltrio called out for Aseridth as he began running into his direction. The powerful facial expression of courage Aseridth showed earlier changed to one of desperation. He couldn't care about his own life but he did not want his son to die because of him. Anyone but him. 'Eltrio stay back! Get out of here!' The prince yelled to him before he turned his attention back to his pursuers who began laughing hysterically. 'This saves us the trouble of finding you.' It didn't take long for Eltrio to reach Aseridth and he quickly held out the scepter for him to take. 'Father I thought you would need this.' He thought he would receive some appreciation from the prince but instead his father punched Eltrio in his face. 'Fool. I told you to leave this place.' The young man looked up at his father with disbelieve before he saw the warm smile that took form on his face.

'My son if you were to die then I wouldn't know how I would be able to face your mother.' His father whispered before placing his hand on his son's shoulder. 'You did good Eltr-' their eyes widened before they both sidestepped evading a bolt of lightning. Eltrio fell onto the floor. He felt the heat from the flames crawling on his skin. Aseridth stepped in front of his son holding the scepter with both his hands. 'Now the tables have turned.' Eltrio's father said as he began searching for the magic hidden deep within the scepter . Slowly the red thin lines of magic began crawling up around the base of the staff before reaching the tip where the lines began gathering all on one spot. 'Isn't this?' The pursuers turned their head to each other before they laughed out loud which made Aseridth raise an eyebrow. 'How ironic. This is the same attack Miyara used to defend that boy. Unfortunately it's not on par to our strength.' Aseridth's eyes widened in as he could not comprehend the words he heard. 'What did you say?' He asked close to a whisper. One of his pursuers pointed at Eltrio. 'Your late wife used this exact same technique against us long ago before we struck her down with her knife. That ancient relic of yours is useless if you can't fully control its power.' They said referring to the scepter he was carrying. An expression of angst began forming on Eltrio's face as he remembered the night he found his mother dead on the floor. Slowly bleeding out.

Aseridth couldn't believe what he heard as an expression of shock and disbelieve formed on his face. 'Knife?' He asked softly before realizing what they meant and an expression of anger soon replaced his confused state. It occurred to him that these were the men that murdered his wife years ago. 'I am going to slaughter every single one of you!' The prince yelled as the red lines that were gathered on the tip of the scepter spread around. The red shining lines went down the base of the staff giving shape to the carved markings that were on its sides. Soon the red lines began circling a few inches away around the staff while the markings on the staff glowed intensively. 'What is that?' Eltrio whispered curiously while he was amazed by what was happening right in front of him. 'I am going to send you to the depths of the earth for what you've done!' The prince said as he pointed the tip of the staff into the direction of the men that murdered his wife. Suddenly a blast of red intensive light was fired on his pursuers in front of him. Eltrio covered his eyes as the shockwave that occurred during the blast was too strong for him to handle. 'Father!' he yelled out as the blast of intensive light began narrowing his field of vision eventually blinding him. When the light diminished he regained his composure and tears were about to fill the inside of his eyes. 'Father. . .' he whispered when he saw Aseridth lying on the floor in front of him. Eltrio's body began trembling when he noticed that his father wasn't moving. He slowly began crawling towards his father despite the fact that his father used an attack that seemed to be the killing blow, there was no sign of impact. Suddenly images of his mother's death began forming shape inside his mind when he reached his father. 'Dad? Hey dad? Get up!' He called out for him in despair as he began shaking Aseridth's motionless body with his tears streaming down his cheeks. . .