When Statues Attack

It was a friday afternoon and I just left my therapist office. My therapist, Dr. Quid, is a nice women who honestly thinks better of me than she should, probably because I convinced her run away son into returning home but that is not here or there. On Dr. Quid's advice I was to try doing new things, I still don't know what it was supposed to accomplish I think it was something about getting out of my comfort zone. Anyway I went to the beach and walked down by the dock. I hated being near the ocean since I have nearly drowned in it several times. Then I spotted one of those human statue with a hat by his feet. I went over and dropped a dollar in the hat. The man turned to me and then punched me in the face.

"What the hell!" I yelled.

The statue shouted out my name.

"Do I know you?"

He sent a punch to my head and I slide to the left to avoid it.

"So is that a yes?"

He sent more punches my way, I managed to catch them and push his fist onto his chest pushing him backwards. Tumbling backwards he fell to the ground.

"Dude! What's your problem?"

He swept my legs knocking me down, he quickly got up to attack me again but I rolled away until I managed to get myself up. But as I did he punched me in the face, the force was enough to cause me to spin backwards as I struggled to regain my balance. Thoughts ran through my head, not much but I still wondered, do I know this guy?

I will admit I'm not much a fighter but over the years I have learned to defend myself. It started with my brothers who picked on me every day until I grew to be bigger than both of them. Then it was continued with several people that I pissed off enough to try and mess me up. Then I made the friendship of several people, some that actually knew martial art and I got them to teach me some moves, nothing extensive just enough so I won't get my butt handed to me every time. Kim helped me improve my balance while learning to shift other peoples center of balance will keeping mine low and how to get out break grips. Li helped me learn to block attacks and to turn peoples energy on them while conserving my own. Anyway I kinda developed a somewhat sloppy self defense style that mostly relies on throwing people off balance and trying to stay away from them as they attack. I also learned that me talking tends to confuse people keeping them off balance so that goes into my wheelhouse. Also I have learned to take a punch so that's something.


My therapist asked me something. I looked at Dr. Quid with more than a bit of anger for telling me to do the thing that got me into a fight that I wanted no part of. I glared at her with contempt I really wanted to get my anger across, a bit much perhaps but that's how I roll. I decided to wait another second before I answered.

Dr. Quid repeated "So he punched you?"

"Yup." I answered annoyed. "I still don't know why."

"But he knew your name!"

"Yeah, I didn't recognize him."

"I'm sorry, I didn't think my exercise would end up like that."

"How long have you known me? You know to expect the unexpected when it involves me."

"You do realize the fallacy of that statement."

"Yes! I want to point out that this is not helping me with my anger or trust issues."

"Noted, how are you self destructive tendencies?"

"Eh, okay I guess."

"Good, well finish the story about that statue guy."

"You know I still blame you?"

"Yes, you know you always blame others before blaming yourself when it's clearly your fault?"

"Of course."

I returned to telling my story to her.


After the last punch I was spun out onto the fence on the dock that kept people from falling over into the ocean. I turned around to see the guy rushing me I had barely enough time to move out of the way and as he came at me I pushed him away. I might have pushed him too far as he went over the fence and he went into the ocean. I looked down at the water to see the guy's head pop out of the water.

"Okay, so I'm going to take back my dollar." I told him.

I picked up my dollar at the hat I noticed that a crowd had to the crowd.

"Okay, everyone I hope you enjoyed the show, tip generously."

Hearing sirens I ran like hell out of there.


When she explained to me that running away was mostly likely some sort of crime, I reminded her that the guy started the fight and I didn't throw a punch so I don't see it as a concern for the police. I still don't know why that guy punched me or even who he is. Or even if he is still looking for me. But mostly I am curious about the reason he punched me, it still bothers me and I spent most the session trying to figure out why it happened. I suppose that this will just have to be one of those questions that I never really get answered