Author's Note: This is the first story I'm reposting. A while back, I took all my stories down and deleted all the writing I had ever done because of some personal issues I was having. Hopefully those issues have been resolved. This is the only piece of writing I still have from before my little breakdown, so even though it isn't the best, I have decided to post it until I can write something new. Enjoy…


He watched from the shadows as she walked down the street with her friends, headed home from school. He smiled at the thought of sinking his fangs into her neck and sucking the life from her body. But he couldn't. Not yet. He had to wait. Wait until she was alone. Wait until he didn't need the darkness of the alley to protect his skin from the harmful rays of the sun; skin as smooth and fragile-looking as porcelain, yet as cold and impenetrable as armor. He had to wait until tonight.

He had been watching her every day now for the better part of a year; waiting. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to grab her and pull her into the darkness as she walked by. Every day, she walked home from school with her friends. She would disappear into her house until the sun went down; until it was no longer safe to be outside alone, or at all for that matter. It didn't matter if she was alone or not. No one was going to be able to help her once he got her. He ran his tongue across the pointy tips of his fangs in anticipation.

He could just imagine the way her sweet blood would taste. So thick and sticky on his tongue. So salty and metallic tasting. So warm and red. So perfect. The idea excited him. She excited him. He didn't know why he was so attracted to her, but he was. Of course, it wasn't an emotional or sexual attraction; none of that nonsense to disturb his plans. The only thing he was attracted to was the warm life that coursed through her veins.

So he waited. He waited until she climbed out the window when she was absolutely positive that no one was watching. But he was watching. He was always watching. Watching and waiting. His pale grey eyes followed her as she crept around the house, still so unaware that she was being stalked. Like prey. And that's what she was. His prey.

He followed her, being careful to stick close to the buildings and alleyways. The shadows hid him completely from her view. Not that there was anything that she could have done if she did see him. She was his now. She might have been safe if she just stayed home. Maybe. But no, she was a naughty little girl. Always breaking the rules when she thought no one was watching. But he was watching. He was always watching.

He smirked as she strolled right past him, yet still not seeing him lurking in the shadows. That was okay. She would see him soon enough. He would be that last thing she saw. The last thing she would feel was him sucking that beautiful crimson life from her body.

He followed her a little further, into the dead, quiet streets were no residences were. No one would hear her screams here. Not that she would be screaming for long.

He stepped out of the shadows directly behind her, quiet as a whisper. Almost as if he wasn't there at all. But somehow she seemed to hear him. Or maybe she sensed him. It didn't really matter. She knew he was there. She should have kept walking. Maybe then she would have had a few more moments to live. But no, she turned around, her honey golden eyes meeting with his pale, ashy ones. Her face twisted into a look of horror as she saw the feral grin that consumed his handsome features.

Instead of rushing forward and attacking her like he did most of his prey, he stepped towards her slowly, as if not to frighten her. Of course, that was not his intention. The more scared they were the better. The adrenaline coursing through their bodies just caused the blood to spill into his mouth faster.

He walked forward slowly and unrushed because he knew that she knew. He grabbed her arms roughly and gave her a sadistic smile. She didn't even scream as he sank his fangs into her warm neck and sucked her veins dry. After all, she knew.

Her mother had told her when she was little that naughty little girls that break the rules when they thought no one was watching, always got caught.

Author's Note: As I said, it's not the best writing but it's the only thing I have left from before I started working everything out and it's all I have right now. So, it will just have to do until I finish the story I am currently working on. Please review and let me know how it is.