Taer's Tragedy By Jacor

Crelver looked up at the sky above. The stars were twinkling bright as ever. The moon was nowhere to be seen however. Nothing was going right for him tonight. Nothing.

He closed his eyes to stem back the flow of tears. Images flooded back into his mind. His mate's lifeless body in a puddle of her own blood, looking ever as graceful in death as she did in life. He tilted his head to the sky and gave a long, mournful howl. He shouldn't have been so stupid as to go far from the den. It just wasn't fair! Why did Earoon have to pay for his carelessness with her life? Why not him?! Why?!

Crelver opened his eyes and looked out at the ocean before him through misty eyes. He took a few steps forward, walking closer towards the edge of the precarious cliff on which he stood. Looking down, he spied jagged rocks being continuously beaten to sharp points by the waters below. If the fall didn't kill him, the rocks sure would.

Crelver looked back at the general direction of the den. He looked up at the moonless sky above. He looked in front of him at the vast body of water before him. He gave a loud, defeated whine which broke off into sobs of anguish and despair. He had only been trying to get them some food. He had known it was foolish to go too far, yet he did. He thought nothing would happen, yet it did. He heard his mate's howl for help and loped as fast as he could, but he was too slow and too late. He was too, too late, and now Earoon was gone. Now he had no one and nothing.

Crelver closed his eyes and took a step forward. He felt his right forepaw touch nothing but air. He kept his eyes closed, knowing he would lose his resolve if he saw what awaited him. A tear slithered down his cheek once more. He put his head up and howled his last goodbyes to the world. A voice within urged him not to do it, but what other options did he have? He couldn't bear the thought of being without Earoon.

Memories flooded his mind. He heard her tinkling laughter which he would hear no more. Flashbacks of the night on which they had run off to live their lives flooded his head. All the games they had played, they would play no more. She had always been there for him. They had hunted and slept together. They had eaten and dreamt together. He needed her more than he needed anything. His heart ached to be with her again. He was nothing without her. Nothing.

Soon, they would be reunited. Just one step separated him from his beloved, he told himself. If he could no longer have her in this world, he hoped to see her again in Paradise. Crelver silenced his voice of reason. He took a deep breath and steeled his nerves to take his final, fatal step. This was it. Whatever awaited him in the Other World would surely be better than what he was going through now. It wouldn't hurt. The rocks would serve their purpose if the fall did not. They would allow him to see his mate again.

Just as he was going to let himself tip forward, he heard a voice call his name. Surprised, Crelver's eyes flashed open and he backpedaled away from the cliff. He turned around and there she was, and was not. Earoon sat before him, her body encircled in an eerie, silver glow. He knew it was her! Her pelt color wasn't her usual warm, Earth-brown, but rather it was now a translucent, moon-gray . Her scent was not there, but her eyes were still the silver he had known and grown to love. It had to be her! But deep down, he knew it wasn't truly her. She opened her mouth to speak, "Crelver…"

"E-Earoon?..." Crelver asked. He took a step towards her. He knew it was rude to stare into her eyes, but he needed to look at them. He needed them to look at him with the tenderness only she had. Those eyes. They seemed to contain the very essence and power of the moon within them. Those eyes. They belong to the wolf he had sworn to protect to his dying breath, a task he had failed. Something he would regret beyond his dying breath.

"Please," she whispered, "think about what you're about to do."

Crelver looked down. "I did Earoon." he said. "I can't bear to live without you. I need you in my life. I want to be with you again." he sobbed.

"We will be reunited again Crel," Earoon said with a sad tone to her voice. Crelver looked up at her. "but not now…and not like this."

"But when? I can't live without you Earoon. I need you. Please…" he begged, "let me go with you!"

"Crel, you're forgetting something. Or rather someone." Earoon replied softly.

Crelver brought his paw to his eye to wipe away the tears. Then he remembered! "Taer!" he gasped.

"Yes Crelver, our daughter. Please Crel, I know it'll be hard, but you must help her. I gave my life to defend her. Please don't let my death be in vain. You have to help her, she's only 17 days old." Earoon begged.

"But, but how can I help her? How would I feed her?" Crelver whined.

Earoon closed her eyes. "You'll find a way Crelver. I know you will." Earoon's body became more transparent than it already was. "Forgive me for asking this of you Crel. I love you and I hate to see you in pain." Earoon whispered sadly. Crelver could tell she too was pained by their untimely separation. She wanted to be with him as badly as he did. "But Crel," Earoon whispered, her voice fading more and more, "please, you have to help Taer." and with that, Earoon's body vanished into thin air.

"Earoon…" Crelver moaned as he ran to the spot where her spirit had been.

"We will meet again soon, my love."

Crelver ran back to the den as fast as he could. When he got there, he saw things more or less as they had been before he had left to the Cliff of Horizon. Earoon's body was still lying lifeless, although the puddle of blood had hardened by now. Crelver averted his eyes. It pained him to see Earoon lying so fragile and vulnerable. She had always been so strong in life. Crelver raised a paw to his eyes. Tears had began to form again.

Crelver heard a soft whine of distress. He looked again at Earoon's body. Buried in her underbelly, lay a young female puppy, begging pitifully to be noticed. He stared at her dumbfounded as she pawed Earoon's belly in hopes of waking her. Upon seeing Crelver, she wobbled to him, and asked Crelver to wake Earoon up, speaking in short, high-pitched whimpers.

He allowed his vision to graze her soft, sky blue eyes. This was the first time he was seeing this young wolf, but he knew it was Taer. She had her mother's eyes even if she didn't have her eye color. Crelver licked Taer's fur clean from the blood that had stained her soft, tan pelt. He nuzzled her and calmly told her to rest, laying down on his side to allow her to curl up beneath him. For a minute, she did nothing but stare at Crelver. Crelver coaxed her to him. She gave a long yawn and finally gave in, curling up besides Crelver and quickly falling asleep. Crelver cursed himself for almost forgetting about their daughter. She was beautiful. Earoon had done a marvelous job caring for her despite the harsh conditions.

"I don't know how I'll do it Earoon, but I WILL fulfill your dying wish." Crelver whispered. "Forgive me for failing you, but I swear I will not fail you again my love. Our daughter will live. I swear."

*Author's Note: First story, so please feel free to give me feedback on anything I could have done to have made this story easier to read or to have improved the story itself. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.