Utah 2038 May 13th Tuesday Location Somewhere over the Wasatch mountain range near the remains of Ogden.

A pair of Marine Corps MV22C flew high to avoid any ground fire from British supported insurgents. The two VTOLs were in route to deliver a marine infantry squad to FOB Copperhead. Largely forgotten by nationalist America southern Utah became a no Man's land, abandoned by law enforcement and military alike until now.

Daniel sat in the back of the Osprey, bored out of his mind he decided to turn up the stereo. He ignored Wesley's attempt to catch a few winks, "Awe yeah I love this song!" Daniel said as he turned up, Hush by Deep Purple "nah, nah, nah…"

"I got certain little girl that's on mind… no doubt about it she looks so fine..." Wesley started singing along after he took the Playboy magazine off his face.

Shocked to see Wesley in a good mood, Daniel continued, "She's the best girl that I ever had…" Daniel let the song play out as the Osprey stayed on course "I always thought you got on the rags when your sleep was disturbed?"

"Rule number one of a sniper is to be deceptive." Wesley said leaning forward placing his rifle in between his legs as a brace. Wesley knew Daniel merely through the fact he remembered what Daniel's mother did for him. He could live a comfortable life ignoring the world around him, thanks to the fact NOW owed him a yearly check of 5 million dollars for previously inflicted pain and suffering. That was not Wesley he had to fight, he would not close his eyes and let the news pundits tell him what was going in his country. It was his job to find the problem and fix it.

Daniel looked out the window and commented, "Damn that is a beautiful site, and I can't believe how despite this destruction such beauty remains. Hey you Regan had to deal with similar shit back in the 1980s, history repeat eh?"

"What the hell does a Ray gun have to do with history repeating itself, much less us killing the fuck-tards that murdered my husband and family? Hell Utah is a shooting gallery thanks to the fact it has so many weapons dumps left unguarded and now we have to clean the place up, oh well the insurgents will be an easy task we aren't unarmed men women and children." Carter replied having little clue or concern over the issue "Hell we will be back at Pendleton in two weeks right Sergeant Rico?"

"Not likely before the Apophis hit here in Utah the FLA was responsible for over 200 children dying, in the schoolyard bombings in Portland back in 2029, before that they took on Oak Valley SWAT, and Forrest County STARS in a four day shoot out. They know how to fight and the added Chaos in Ogden we're looking at a lot of problems that won't be fixed easily." Rico said.

"Shit they killed 200 children that is seriously fuck up." Carter said relaxing.

"Yo douche bag that's why they are called terrorists!" Daniel said pointing both his middle fingers at Carter.

"Fuck you bitch!" Carter replied.

"Back on topic the FLA is the remains of every hypocritical … ah shit I thought we were above flak in a VTOL?" Rico cut off by turbulence as he hit his head on the cargo racks before grabbing the aircraft railings.

The pilot and copilot braced against the rough winds and stabilized the Osprey as best they could "Hold on back there the skies are deceptively clear we just hit a massive CAT wave." The Pilot shouted as he fought with the VTOL.

Wesley stood up and held onto the railing "wow hell yeah this is my kind of flight where is my in-flight meal!" he shouted failing to save his playboy magazine from flying out the gunner's window, "Ah son of a bitch that was my best, oh Well in Utah I'm sure we'll have the real thing!"

"Spring break Marine corps style in the plains of Utah this will be epic!" Daniel shouted still slightly terrified of being thrown about the cabin he held on tightly to his seat.

"That's enough now listen up maggots, the only roads into Utah to dig these bitches out are the ones were going to be making. The action we will be seeing is a three front mission. First we need to win is the hearts and minds of the people who stayed and now are scrapping by day to day and the second is to pull the drain stopper on this backed up septic tank and take out every single insurgent fucktard to stupid to drop their rifles. Finally, we are to protect everyone that comes to us for shelter. We will be the tip of the spear and we will cut this cancer out of the region leaving without leveling everything in front of us. We are Marines and we will save the day so help me god!" Rico said rallying his men "HOO RAH DEVILS!" Rico shouted.

"Hoo Rah!" Daniel, Wesley, and Carter shouted in unison.

The pilot guided the VTOL into the FOB's landing zone "Alright devils were ten seconds out grab your gear and get ready to disembark." The pilot said tilting the nacelles into landing position "FOB Copper head air control this is Boxcar 1-3 in bound landing in five over.

"Copper head Air station we copy, you are cleared to land on second pad left of the runway; you can't miss it over and out." The flight control operated stated.

The Osprey pilot circled the base and noticed two large MV-44 Goshawks unloading LAV30s "Roger that touching down now." The pilot said guiding the Osprey into the LZ. He powered down the engines and made a final check of all systems.

"Alright grab your gear, people we are on the clock move your slow tired asses for fuck sake we are marines." Rico said rushing his people out the back noticing Wesley's lack of interest again "God damn it double time it Blake!"

SSgt. James Raymond approached the now powering down VTOLs, the dust had cleared, and his new fire team emerged from the back of the second VTOL "Are you slacker fucks my new fire team?"

"Yes Gunnery sergeant!" Rico said avoiding a salute incase a sniper was watching "Staff Sergeant Rico Pagana reporting for duty we were about to settle in and find our tent."

Raymond nodded his head and pointed his nose towards the Barracks, "Yeah great, look I don't know how you got into Renegade squad but besides the LT, I am only beneath whatever fucking god or goddess you worship. Since whatever the hell you worship is not here you answer to me, dismissed!" James said sending them on their way he had to sign for several drones before other units took them.

The four men found their barracks and settled in, Wesley took the rack closets to the door and sat down checking his M110"Great we got into the bad ass's squad what's going to be our call sign bravo Charlie, or maybe delta?" Wesley said securing his belonging into the footlocker.

Daniel took the last bunk on the right across from Wesley closest to the desk and settled in "Well I kind of hope to you know… stack up I mean the hardest squad in the entire MEU that is something to be proud of. I think we should be honored, I fought the cartels counter insurgency style in Mexico we have the combat experience we can do this."

Darien walked into the tent and looked over the new fire team "You boys must be the new Bravo team; well the LT wants you to fall in at the range in five." Darien collected a few good luck items, stuffed them into his vest, and crabbed his P-Mags and water before leaving he mentioned "Lt, isn't you average officer the man likes to call the shots from the field problem for him is that …well wait till you meet him."

Rico being the tallest of the group took a top bunk, with the bitter knowledge he may not even fit on it, "So we've got a good Lt that's a nice change we better hurry, if Renegade is what it is we better stack up. Alright no one here is new we know trying isn't good enough so we will measure up." Rico added.

The firebase was large not nearly developed into a full-scale Firebase. The marines were occupying an old State police run airstrip built for light planes and helicopters before 2020 at the base of the mountain. The 13th MEU was massing for its main push to crush conventional and non-conventional hostile forces in Utah. The firing range was located at the far end of the barracks past the motor pool and closest to the Army's side of the base. The firebase also contained two kill houses set up in the style of the Building layouts for the Ogden- Hinckley Airport. The airport was a key position for the 13th MEU without it the QC-18 Overlord transports could not deliver the M1A6 tanks and other heavy vehicles into the fight.

Wesley stopped near the motor pool to ease drop on a pair of marines "God damn it Hunter why on earth do you have to fuck this thing up so much… to a new Ibex?" the mechanic said.

"Its military spec for shit sake it can handle what I give it, the Trans-axles are probably defective!" Mitchell replied not noticing Wesley.

"Fucking morons hope I won't ride with him." Wesley thought heading to the range.

Lt Zackary Stone kept watch over the marines in the firing range and let the army "Derik keep that barrel up and account for bullet drop, remember it. Evans what the hell is wrong with you improve your precision now or you'll be going home in the god damned cargo hold."

Rico checked behind him and readied his team to meet the Lt "Sir, Staff Sergeant Rico Pagana I'm your new Bravo 2-1 sir." Rico shouted as he stood at attention.

Zackary looked over his new fire team, squinting his eyes, and made a visible sniff of the air, "You all look the part…" he commented "Now prove you didn't find you digitals at the bottom of cereal box." Zack said pointing to the four open spots at the shooting range.

"My pleasure, Mr. Stone Dynamics heir, I mean sir!" Wesley said taking a knee in the first open both at the range.

"Oh you better impress the fuck out of me for that comment boy or I'll have your ass on shit detail for a month!" Zack growled at Wesley. Zack watched Wesley go through the motions, turning off the safety on his Battle rifle off and fired two rounds. What shocked and impressed Zack he could only see on hole in target?

"Hey asshole you only hit the target once!" a woman belonging to the 4-2 Stryker CBT, said to Wesley after she looked down range and saw only one hole in the targets.

Wesley was insulted and intended to humiliate the mouthy woman on his right "Hey Army, take a look at the size of that hole in the center of my target, it's not exactly a .30 caliber hole. When you are finished with that get me a fucking omelet and do not skimp on the pepper jack cheese. After all an omelet isn't an omelet without pepper jack cheese." Wesley said; as Zack shut the range down to make, sure his saw what he think they saw.

"You bastard were not here to serve you!" Maggie growled at the marine as two other Army soldiers inspected the target.

"Holy shit he put two rounds through the same hole!" said one of the inspecting soldiers.

Wesley smiled, "Next time woman keep your mouth shut, and remember you aren't that useful out here!" Wesley said he knew her rank and was going to making her regret talking. He hoped things would get physical and cracked his knuckles.

Daniel grabbed Wesley by the arm and gave him a stern look saying he had done enough, "Look army all he did was rattle you so get over …" Before Daniel could finish his sentence a mortar round hit one of the parked VTOLs.

The entire base received multiple mortar rounds all had the same approach vector, most of the damage done to the base was limited to a few vehicles and empty buildings. The personnel that were uninjured rushed to work on containing the fires and aiding the wounded. Alarms were buzzing and several response convoys readied to make a counter attack.

Colonel Gould rushed out of the command post to scope out the damage to the FOB, "Damn those Amazon wannabe bitches, get me Renegade 2-1 I want this enemy mortar team gunned down ASAP!" he ordered one of his subordinates.

Wesley checked his rifle and looked at Zack, waiting to judge his character by studying his reactions to a sneak attack. He was not alone Daniel and Carter were wondering of the Lt lived up to the hype or just be another rich kid looking for a high rank and comfortable way out of the action.

"Oh hell… those Fucks did not just have the nerve to shoot that shit at me!" Zack growled tapping his radio into the major's channel. "Major Parker this Renegade 2-1 if you have a mission I'm volunteering my squad for it, over."

"2-1 this Parker the assault convoy is gathering, we have the trajectory of the incoming mortar rounds. It places them half a Klick North East of the airport and before highway 15. You will have 4 vehicles to support the clearing of the area before regrouping with the main force, over an out." Parker said sending a recon drone to fly over the area.

Zack looked over his new fire team "They say forgiveness makes you superior to your enemy, I say fuck that noise get the bulldozer because we're going to have a fuck ton of bodies bury!"

A convoy of LAV30s, LATV Ibexes, and MTVRs had lined up as other vehicles began moving out on their own mission. The fact the convoy was loitering on the road meant it was for Zack's unit, "Alright it's the second day of the week, and we've got our first mission. Load up and get ready for a fight we have to dish out some unholy payback for the loss of an Osprey." Zackary said as his men loaded into the Ibexes and MTVRs.

After the squad was squared away into the vehicles the convoy rolled out the radio chimed in, "This is command to Renegade 2-1 the suburbs have light insurgent activity although the area is ripe for an ambush over. You are too clear that area once you link up resupply our firebase held by the 3-1 in Orchard Park just east of interstate 15." Parker said over the vehicles' intercom.

As the six vehicles rolled out of the base several attack helicopters flew overhead, "Alright we're going into a death trap, so LT what are our ROE and who the hell are Amazons?" Wesley said hoping the bolted on armor on the open toped MTVR would be safe.

"The rules of engagement are to take down anyone who is carrying binoculars as well as a cell phone or radio. Harsh but that is probably how the insurgents called in the mortar strike and may be they have another mortar team set up within the air port of outside our drone's coverage." Zack said holding on as the Dragon drove down the bumpy ruined Canyon Road toward the Ogden Hinckley airport. "Pariah our Intelligence source has confirmed three groups known officially."

"It looks like the entire MEU is rolling in force. I hope we don't miss the airport invasion we've been training for than a month!" Darien said watching an Osprey and two AH-2 diamond back attack helicopters flew by firing into the woods sounding the convoy's right and left flanks.

Derik jumped as a bullet ricocheted off the MTVR's armor. "Holy shit we're taking fire from both sides. Is anyone else of the same mind that riding in an open topped MTVR is a bad … fucking idea!" Derik said taking cover behind the metal plating, "Someone put fire on the god damn tree line!"

Zack stayed cool as the convoy took fire from both sides, "Get over it they can't shoot for shit in the first place, and more importantly we are paid to get shot at!" he said as the machine gunner fired the Ibex's M240bravo into the tree line. "We have three know anti-nationalist militias in the area, FLA, the cultists a loosely associated group of armed polygamists but they are up north closer to salt lake and they probably didn't survive the initial Apophis impact. The third group that we know very little about is called the Wolves. The only thing we know is they hit the FLA … very hard." Zack said as the convoy rolled towards the city.

Wesley looked over the side armor plating of the MTVR, "So these wolves are they against us or are we against them? From the sounds of it they might be a green berets local pet project." Wesley said disappointed, he had nothing to shoot back at.

The road into the ruined city of Ogden turned silent as the convoy headed toward the suburbs just before the airport. Marines from the 3-1 had been clearing paths into the city for the past three days, but were in dire need of resupply. Their defensive line had also been probed several times but held out each time.

Zack motioned to his driver to stop the convoy as they approached the 3-1s forward position "Alright this looks like the 3-1 entrance into the city. We leave the two supply trucks here and synchronize our radios; we may need these guys to send some mortar shells our way."