After driving for thirty minutes with no sign of hard contact three Ibex LATVs and one MTVR broke from the main convoy that headed toward the airport "This is Renegade 2-1 to convoy Harbinger, good luck with the airport try and save us some FLA over and out." James said as Mitchell turned off onto the side streets.

"All renegade vehicles switch to electric motors we need to keep an element of surprise here, over." Mitchell said switching the Ibex over to its electric motor.

The convoy managed to sneak into the neighborhood but stopped short of the main entrance, "Everyone out time to move lets go people!" Darien said moving his fire team to their flanking position.

Rico made Carter move up first down the street for heavy support with his M240L, "God damn visibility is shit here, but it's too bright for enhanced vision.

Daniel scanned the area using his scope to check the windows of the house, the only movement was fire team Charlie clearing each house, he then scanned the street "I have a feeling we're being watched… shit movement!" he shouted ducking behind a car and taking aim.

A dog with a piece of meat ran past being chased by other dogs, "it's just a pack of dogs" Wesley said hiding his own concerns that the amount of abandoned vehicles could be IEDs.

"Pack of dogs!" James let the animals pass "Charlie and Alpha report any contact?"

"Alpha here we secured a house and are overlooking the Cul-de-sac, shit this is scary they have a god damned L118 105mm artillery piece!" Derik said looking over the gun "Fuck the 120mm mortars that gun can whip out our first wave. The amazons have fortified their position looks like they are waiting for an air drop this is weird… they look almost military, British military."

"Hold position Alpha, alright teams bravo and Charlie we link up with Alpha, Reynolds get that mamba ready I want you to hit the gun with that thing as our opening shot!" James said ordering both team to cut through the back yards.

Rico aided Carter over the first house's fence to get to Alpha by using the backyards, Wesley went over next then the Gunny. Daniel had the most gear; he tossed the Mamba rocket over the fence first to Wesley, and then jumped over. Rico the tallest in the group had no need to get help to get over the wooden privacy fence.

Daniel rushed to the back of a garage and kicked down the door before he loaded the rocket launcher "I'm almost in position to make the shot, gunny." Daniel said rushing outside.

"Get ready to give him covering fire in three, two, and one fire!"Derik shout, after Daniel fired the rocket into the L118 causing the barrel to collapse on the ground while killing the four women in its immediate area.

Several armed women rushed out of hiding and began firing their AK101s on Alpha's position. Carter fired his machine in several controlled bursts mowing down the majority of advancing insurgents from his position behind an abandoned minivan. That did not prevent the ones remaining in the houses to return fire at him from the upper floors of each house.

As Carter's position came under heavy fire he ducked down, "Fuck they got me pinned I need to pull back." He shouted hunkering down behind the minivan.

"They have M249 Saws and a few mounted M60s." Wesley said scanning the homes, he started taking out the medium machine guns closest to Carter "Have fagot now is a good time to get inside, I just took out the machine guns closest to you."

"Got it I'm moving back inside now!" Carter said rushing into the house. Once inside he slammed the door behind him and threw a TV stand down to barricaded it as best he could.

"Reynolds and Devoir fire some smoke grenades at the cull de sac everyone else get ready to switch to enhanced vision!" James shouted realizing the fight quickly bogged down with both sides digging in.

Daniel slide open his M203 and loaded a smoke grenade into it, the enemy was firing to suppress him but was inaccurate "I can't get another rocket off till the heat dies down, or I get to the roof!" Daniel thought he was hiding behind the home's side door. The grenade did its job but the enemy just focused their machine gun fire.

Derik hid next to a window and loaded his grenade launcher, "I see a good spot to land it can some give me covering fire!" he shouted carter nodded and fired the machine gun in several short controlled bursts pinning the advancing enemy down behind their barricades.

Derik's grenade landed dead center and soon blocked out the vision of the enemy machine gunners "Alright right side is blocked!" he shouted the smoke from both grenades gave the marines a slight advantage but not enough to turn their favor.

"This is Reynolds they are just focusing fire on my position!" Daniel said firing in three round bursts he shot a rushing woman, protected by surplus British body armor. "Thankfully, a M7A2's 6.8x43mm round punched through her vest with ease." Daniel thought as he scored two more kills as the women advanced in a wedge formation.

The other advancing team of FLA insurgents was run over by a speeding Ibex that didn't stop until it slammed into another car.

"Relax guys we've got your flank!" Mitchell said rushing the four support vehicles assigned to renegade to support the left flank. He put the ibex in reverse and backed up to the edge of the street to lend fire support.

The 50caliber minigun mounted in CROWS fired on the houses. In a few sustained burst, the first house partially collapsed. Then a SMAW rocket destroyed the third and final house. The smoke from the grenades cleared, and the convoy could be seen clearly with its gun fixed on the FLA's positions. A hail of automatic weapons leveled each house, and severed limbs from any insurgent stupid enough not to dive for cover. Not that it would have kept them alive for a few more seconds.

A British SAS officer fired a Gustav at the Ibex, "Ah shit!" were her last words after the LAVT's missile defense system stopped the rocket. The Ibex's CROWS minigun focused its fire on her and the half-inch rounds shredded her to bits.

Daniel took the Mamba launcher and aimed it at the center house while their convoy took most of the small arms fire. The round sped towards the target several sub munitions separated mid flight and leveled the house.

The fire directed at the convoy had come to a complete stop; mangled bodies lay scattered about the cul-de-sac next to a ruined artillery piece and three of five homes had been completely leveled.

James emerged leading his squad, "Alright I want the last two houses cleared before we move on. Bravo takes the first house you see on the left, Alpha the one across from it. Let's get a move the main force is hitting the airport as we speak!" James shouted at his men.

Rico and his team followed the Ibex towards the house for cover "Daniel take point in three we breach."

"Yes Sir!" Daniel said dropping the SMAW, Rico held up three fingers and when he made a fist Daniel kicked in the door. He scanned the living room with his rifle up "Living room clear, staff sergeant."

Wesley with his MEUSOC pistol cleared the kitchen the house was a prefab making it much simpler to clear without a basement, but he knew not to let his guard down, "First floor clear I have point on the second." He said letting Daniel cover the stairs, he swept the first bedroom and closet as Rico backed him up.

"Nothing in here except a bunch of people's crap, gunny can we regroup and assist Charlie?" Carter said into his helmet radio.

"Negative, secure anything that looks important and await my orders." James said as Charlie team searched the rubble of the other houses.

Charlie teams house was cleared in a matter of minutes but fire team alpha found a weapon cache "Got a lot of ammunition here Gunny; almost enough 5.56x45mm rounds to supply a platoon." Derik said looking at the master bedroom or the makeshift armory.

"Renegade 2-1 to renegade actual we have several weapons and ammunition requesting an EOD team to handle the situation. Stop, Hostile forces had a L118 artillery piece and have several L85 rifles. Stop. Hostiles are wearing British camouflage and armor it's older and out of service, over." James said as the area was cleared.

Zack was watching and listening to feeds on the airport assault "Actual to 2-1 mark the area and regroup with convoy Harbinger, as soon as, the EOD and their Stryker escort arrive. I'm sending another squad to set up a mortar site." Zack was hiding his concerns about the British's full-scale support of the FLA. He knew things were more complicated now than ever.

Wesley took his canteen out and drank from it "The score is 1 for the USMC and score 0 for the Feminist Liberation Army. You did real good Reynolds, better than I expected from someone of your status." Wesley said offering Daniel a drink.

"No thanks man I have my own, but I can't believe these radical nut jobs have gotten support weapons like that sucker." Daniel said, pointing to the ruined L118. He sat down looked up and watched as a pair of AH-2 Diamondbacks flew overhead.